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How to equip the kitchen in the country

How to equip the kitchen in the country

Cottage - a traditional place to relax.

But they also spend the night and live, when it's long-awaited vacation or ordinary weekend. Those. Dacha often acts as though temporary, but still home.

And in the house the main thing? It is of course a kitchen.

Since an ordinary suburban area does not particularly turn possibilities, then cottages, mostly small in size. And the kitchen in this house is given at all a tiny space.

How to properly equip the kitchen in the country to where it was convenient and cook and eat. What should minimally include a kitchen at the cottage?



Electric or gas stove or otherversion of the cooking surface. If the house is equipped with electricity, for convenience, you can arrange the kitchen electrical appliances to facilitate the process of cooking. For example, an electric kettle, microwave, pressure cooker, etc. multivarka.


Wardrobe for products needed for dolgohranyaschihsyaproducts such as semolina, salt, sugar, pasta. For their persistent storage needs Close can. This will protect the products from the raids of insects, rodents and exposure to sunlight. Canned food and other perishable products are best to bring in such a quantity that eat them immediately.


In any way we can not do without the table. Table in a small area and performs a role of a working surface and the seat part for meals. Therefore, it must be sustainable, fairly roomy and easily washable.


Sink as a necessary attribute of any kitchen. Without it, it is impossible to wash fruits and vegetables, which makes it impossible to make the workpiece in the country, which is very convenient. Also, there will be inconvenience in washing dishes.


Very easy to use version of a mini-kitchen, made onorder. This is an individual complex of necessary set of furniture and kitchen appliances. They occupy about one meter in length, and two in height, which is convenient for small kitchens. The ergonomic arrangement of elements, this mini-kitchen can not only cook, but also to wash and store products.

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