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How to arrange a cafe


How to arrange a cafe</a>

The service industry is a niche in which the entrepreneur can always find a place.

Choosing the direction for the development of their business, it is necessary to focus on demand.

And the demand for quality catering points is at any time.



The cafe should be started with a choice ofSuitable or, as the professionals say, "selling" space. Choose a room located in a crowded place. For example, it could be a shopping mall, an amusement park, a train station. You can also open a cafe in the sleeping area. It will be aimed at local residents who, on evenings on weekdays or on weekends, will not want to go to the center to have a good time. A good option is to place a cafe in the building of a business center. Many office workers will come here for lunch, and in the evenings ordinary visitors will come. If you focus only on local employees, the option of a fast food cafe is appropriate.


Simultaneously with the choice of location, determine the specificsYour institution. If you are targeting the middle class, a minimalist or classic design is suitable. The cafe in the sleeping area does not need a particularly original interior, but it should be very cozy and comfortable. The task of the cafe in the business center is to tasty and quickly feed, but not to distract from work. Therefore, it is better not to put a lot of TVs there, soft enveloping chairs and a big bar. All this will interfere with the work of companies renting premises in the center. A fashionable establishment in the center of the city should impress visitors, make it go into it, and not into one of ten nearby located. Therefore, arrange it in an original way, for example, in the form of a ship deck or a fairy-tale forest, make the design thematic.


Then you need to start implementing ideas. Typically, cafe owners order design projects in studios that specialize specifically in restaurants, coffee shops and other similar enterprises. You present your thoughts to the designer, he offers you a project that combines your wishes and functionality. However, these services are quite expensive. Therefore, if you have a small start-up capital, find a private person offering design services, or create a room yourself. In the end, you can contact the designer only for the development of the layout, so that it conforms to the norms. And organize the performance yourself.


Pay close attention to the bar. Most often, it is the main component of your cafe in the first stage. The rack should be first and foremost comfortable and wide, the barman's working place must be well equipped.


Do not forget about the quality cuisine. On household appliances and cooks it is better not to save, because the main highlight of the cafe is its cuisine, and if you have any tastes, no one will ever come to you. For the first time the hall with tables can be equipped economically in the style of "necessary minimalism" and buy new furniture as the café develops.

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