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How to equip the kitchen for Feng Shui


How to equip the kitchen for Feng Shui</a>

Feng Shui practice experts refer the kitchen to the abdominal area of ​​the apartment.

They consider it important to correctly arrange it and fill it.

The energy of Qi here must circulate freely, giving the inhabitants of the apartment health and well-being.



Place the kitchen in the south or east of the house. These areas are the most favorable. Do not place the kitchen near the front door. Otherwise, according to Feng Shui, welfare will leave the house. The triangular shape of the kitchen is undesirable. Make it rectangular or square.


Take the kitchen to a special place. Do not connect it with the living room. If you decide to connect the kitchen to another room, separate it by using a different floor covering or a contrasting color solution.


Decorate the kitchen in light colors, make it well lit. Tone associated with the elements of fire and water are considered favorable for this room. They are white, brown, green, yellow.


One of the main rules of kitchen planning -Correct placement of the plate. It is considered the heart of this room. Do not place the cooker too close to the refrigerator. Let them be separated by a distance of at least half a meter. Turn the plate towards the rest of the rooms in the house. This method will bring harmony.


Kitchen, like the rest of the room, should not beOverloaded with unnecessary items of suspension. Provide good ventilation here. Do not forget to get rid of stale food and dishes that have not been used for a long time.

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