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How to equip a dark kitchen

How to equip a dark kitchen

Kitchen - is part of the premises in which the person holds a fairly large part of their free time.

Here prepare and take their food, while away the time drinking tea and pleasant conversation with loved ones. Not surprisingly, the apartment owners want to make your kitchen cozy.

However, the lack of brightness can be difficult.

White wallpapers

In order to visually dark roomIt seemed more illuminated, and at the same time and a large, wall to make better light. They can be pure white, which, however, is not very practical if you love to cook, but do not order food from restaurants only. Suit dairy, beige or ivory wallpaper, tiles or paint. It is desirable that the walls were not pattern. Your kitchen posvezheet immediately.

Bright accents

Juicy accents will also help make the kitchen morelight. Turquoise napkins, set of kitchen utensils with handles orange, bright pink chopping board and a couple of pots of herbs on the windowsill not overload the room, but make it beautiful and comfortable. Select curtains warm yellow or green. Even the dark kitchen, lit by the dim winter sun, they will make more cheerful.

Let there be light

If the window of the kitchen penetrates insufficientlynatural light to fill the lack of artificial light. It is desirable to establish and bright overhead lights, and hang on the wall a couple of lamps, so you can choose at what light you will be comfortable at the moment. You can also simulate a window, setting stained glass window with light, for example, over the dinner table. It is possible to mount a small light bulb to the bottom surface of the kitchen cabinets to light fell just to the workplace, where you cook. Also, the lighting can be installed around the perimeter of the kitchen.


The more items you should have in the kitchen, thethe darker it looks. Therefore, consider whether anything away to other premises can not. And, perhaps, without something you do and can do. If you do repairs in the kitchen, just pay attention to the modest headset. Those who are a little cooking, it makes sense to buy a plate not with four, and two burners. Refrigerator can be rearranged into the corridor, washing machine set is still not in the kitchen and in the bathroom, and inherited from her grandmother breadbox, which stands on a shelf and blocking the already rarely fall into this room the sun can and does throw.

Light my mirror

The kitchen is not customary to hang a mirror, but theycan visually make the room lighter and more spacious. Select kitchen furniture with mirror inserts. It will be an original look, add a light in the dark kitchen, and you can just fix disheveled during korpeniya over complicated dish hair.

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