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How to equip the cage for a parrot

How to equip the cage for a parrot

Parrots, especially the young - is quite agile and active birds that boring to sit for hours in a cage.

Even if you frequently release their pet into the wild, you need to take care of the fact that his house had everything we needed: not only the feeders and waterers, and perches, swings, ladders, toys.

Required items in a cage

how to properly equip the parrot cage
In each cell for the parrot should bemandatory set of objects that are essential for a healthy bird life. Primarily, this feeder. Parrots have uncomfortable with the saucer, so it is advisable to buy him a special bowl. When you select a note in the material: high-quality and hygienic considered porcelain and earthenware, you can also buy cheaper plastic feeder.
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The bird must have continuous access to water,therefore it is necessary to put one or more drinkers. The preferred devices are gated in them the water is not polluted. If you choose an open trough, watch for water purity in it as soon as it gets a litter, you need to replace the water immediately, otherwise it will release harmful ammonia. Do not put large outdoor pet drinking bowls, otherwise it will start to bathe them.
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Equip parrot the pool - small bathwhere he could from time to time to bathe. He must perform the procedures bath at least once a week. The size of the bath depends on the size of the bird, but it has to be placed freely in it. Pour into the pool warm clean water, and pour it out after the procedure, to the parrot did not start drinking it.

parrot Entertainment

cleaning parrot in a cage
Most of his life parrots spend onbranches, so the cell they need to be equipped with similar conditions. To fix this in a few perches, preferably wooden, softwood. Birds love to gnaw branches, they especially like perches kidney. Make sure that they are well fixed and do not rotate when the parrot sits on them.
Most parrot species are very active, theyI like to move, climb the cage, to explore new areas. Try to place inside a greater variety of devices: stairs, perches, swings. But do not forget about what needs to stay and plenty of space. All the items on which will sit the pet must be made of wood: plastic things he can chew on, and it is harmful to health.
Buy a few parrot toys: bell, mirror, ring, which is suspended under the ceiling of the cell. Bird like any objects that move or make sounds. From time to time bring your pet fresh branches of deciduous trees, which contain many minerals and vitamins that are useful for birds.
It is very important not only to properly equipcell, but also to monitor its cleanliness. Wash it as often as possible, every day, clean the tray once a month arrange general cleaning - change the old branches, wipe all the bars decoction of chamomile.

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