Envy is an inborn character trait?</a>

Envy - who does not know this feeling? A nightmarish, all-consuming and exciting, it is even considered a mortal sin.

In China, envy was called "red eye disease", in ancient Rome they said that people "turned blue with envy", and in Russia they say "turned green".

But how much can it be considered an inborn quality?

What is Envy?

When a person feels envy, he is clearlyExperiences its own imperfection. You can say that he feels resentment against himself. When someone in everything is better than you, when you feel that the successes and achievements of another person should have got to you (because you deserve it!), You feel terrible.
It is believed that there is a "white" and "black"envy. White is when you are jealous, but glad. But this is a misunderstanding of the nature of envy. There is no white envy, if you are happy for another person, then you experience admiration. This is a good feeling that inspires you to your own accomplishments. Envy always deprives forces. It's over, you can feel these two feelings at once.
It is important to note that the presence of envy is associated withThe fact that a person about himself is of high opinion. He really feels that these achievements are up to him, and it may very well be that it is so. And envy is a marker. When you feel it, it clearly shows you where you want to strive in the depths of your soul.

Innate or acquired this feeling?

This question can not be answered unequivocally. Each position has both supporters and opponents. Someone thinks that the propensity for envy is of a genetic nature. Some go even further, believing that envy is firmly programmed in the human genome. They say that only those who envied, tried to go forward and eventually evolved.
Others believe that the first sprouts of envyAppear in the soul of the child, when parents compare it with their peers, wanting to evoke in it an interest in learning or other achievements. The child is unhappy with himself, he compares himself with the rest and begins to feel jealous.
But it is precisely noted that with age envyIs weakening. For the elderly, some things become less important, which have caused them sincere interest in the past. This indicates that you can cope with envy. Even if it is an innate quality, it can be controlled and it is possible to work with it.


It is likely that the propensity to envy directlyIs connected with self-confidence. And although there is no clear answer to the question of how much this quality is innate. However, there is a solution that exactly works. Increased self-confidence gives an understanding that it is your way - the right one for you, which means that it is pointless to envy, because other people's achievements are not related to your own.
Self-improvement and the ability to achieve their goals, too, can save you from envy. If all this is within your power, then why should you be jealous? It remains only to admire and rejoice over others.

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