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How to entertain yourself at work

How to entertain yourself at work

Some believe that the work is necessary only to work, but if you also thought you would not be reading this article. Breaks in the work needed to improve the quality of the work.

In addition, it happens that all the tasks are done, and the new has not yet been reported.

It is best not to spit at the ceiling, lazily watching the flies, and occupy yourself interesting or even useful.

You will need

  • A piece of paper, pen, newspaper, internet, tea, stationery, colleagues, a book on origami.



Well, if you have in the workplaceInternet - this ensures that you will always be, than to entertain themselves. You can download the book and spend your free time on reading it, can find part time on the Internet, if there is free time you have a stable, can educate ourselves and study of foreign languages.


Brew the tea itself. If you drink tea alone is boring, invite colleagues to the tea party. Someone is sure to bring cookies, someone - the latest news, someone will enlighten you, which is more profitable to buy inflatables.


Purchase a book with diagrams of origami. On the office desk usually lie stacks necessary and not securities. Entertain yourself from unnecessary folding funny birds and animals. Even if the office of the chief suddenly enters, your game can instantly crush and discard. And, you might even be praised for a creative approach to the destruction of documents.


Do any of your colleagues should be the newspaper. Companies they are discharged, and the staff brings to read at lunch and often this is the lunch there and wrap. Ask a newspaper, turn to the last page, and crossword puzzles. This lesson takes you a long time.


If your colleague as well as you are ripped apart byidleness, ask them to suffer together. Besides playing in the sea battle, you can arrange a war games, shooting each other staples and paper balls, or take a ride on the chairs. For such amusements time quickly come to an end.

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