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How to entertain your baby while bathing

How to entertain your baby while bathing

Modern Mom has to keep up with everything. And the house in order, and child in business, and indeed in good shape.

Daily bathing the baby can be useful and fun for mom and baby.

If the baby while bathing captivate interesting occupation, and then my mother will be 15 to 20 minutes for yourself.

During this time, you can make a mask for the face or express manicure.

In the end, everyone is happy.

You will need

  • - Washable markers
  • - Colored paste
  • - Brush for drawing
  • - Colored sea salt
  • - Various packaging
  • - Wooden sticks
  • - shaving foam
  • - sponge



Option 1-Draw in the bathroom. Toys, which kid playing in the bathroom, he was bored with the times. Then the baby requires a lot of your attention while swimming or bathing in a five-minute turns bathing. But there is a solution, it is necessary to captivate the child. If you are worried that the baby slips in the bath, then buy a special chair. Child safe, his hands are free, you are ready for the games. Give your child washable colored markers, draw something on the wall of the bathroom. The child will understand and begin to paint the wall itself. Depending on age, thus, it is possible to study color, objects, letters. No markers, take the colored toothpaste. Allow the brush to paint, let him do masterpieces. You can even give a shaving foam. Then have a sponge to wash the walls, the process of the same is very fascinated.


Option 2 Learn chemical and physical processes. To do this, you need entertainment color .Nasypte sea salt in a transparent glass colored little salt, pour the water. Give your child any wand, let it stirs and watching what happens. It certainly entice the process of dissolution of salt. Solution pour straight into the bathroom. Such bathing is very useful. You can take a few empty bottles of mineral water in the lids make small holes. Pour salt into bottles of different colors. Close lid. Offer your baby a bottle to heat the water through the holes will slowly fill the bottle and mixed with salt. The child will be interested in such a process. Thus, colors can be studied.


Option 3 - Operating body. Suggest baby soaped sponge. Let it will wash the body proposed by you. For example, the right arm, left leg and fingers on the right foot. So simple and fun way to remember the baby all the parts of his body. If he likes, you can offer to wash Pups.


Option 3 game with a tap. Do not rush to throw bottles and jars of baby food. Your baby is perfectly hold time playing with them. Move the chair to swim close to the faucet. Turn trickle. Attention! See that the child did not open the hot water tap and scalded. Hand him a different jars with lids, he would be happy to pour water in them and close the lids.

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