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How to entertain your baby

How to entertain your baby

Cubes, pyramids, balls, dolls - all of this is not only a fun for your child, but also the way of the world of knowledge.

That is why parents so important to know how and with the help of which play with the baby, so it gave not only pleasure, but also beneficial.



The shops range of toys is so great that often parents buy any thing just for the sake of the child to complete your collection. But Treat the choice of entertainment baby Seriously, think like a toy crumbs whether this will bring him good if she, or will be somewhere collecting dust.


When choosing entertainment baby consider and age. If a child from 0 to 3 months, the very first of its toys should be simple, with major details, bright colors. rattles sound should not be too loud, so as not to scare baby. Charms on crib and stroller also attract the attention of the crumbs.


For a child between 3 and 6 months, choose music mobiles carousel. Quiet melody, moving toys will not leave baby indifferent. Developing rug will be your indispensable assistant. They usually have musical detail, Tweeters, mirrors and many other elements. Hanging toys cause a desire to have baby reach them. This mat can be done independently. Typically, the mat toys made of rustling materials are used as fillers cereals, sand, fine details and other available material. Encourage your child to toy with uneven surfaces for the development of fine motor skills of fingers.


With 6 months children like toys with buttons,which is included by clicking on the music or lights, turn the details, the designers, pyramid. Kids can already perform their own manipulations of these objects. While bathing the crumbs will be fun to dabble with a rubber duck or frog.


From about 9 months of children who are already doingthe first steps to attract wheelchairs, prams. And it is your favorite activity not only girls but also boys. A child with peers can play in the sandbox. To do this, buy buckets, molds. Very useful toy for baby 9-12 months - the ball. Sport him develop accuracy, agility baby. In addition, for kids this age have special puzzles, through which a child gets an idea of ​​the shape of objects.


It is often possible to see how a little childinterested in toys, and more of it attracts everyday objects. Do not forbid your child to play with pans. Take a few different sizes of pots, with your child, try each to choose the right cover. Interestingly crumbs will play with colorful jars of yogurt. Invent entertainment babyUsing whatever is at hand.

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