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How to enter the flight attendant

Stewardess - a specialist in the crew of the aircraft, whose primary task - ensuring the comfort and safety of passengers during the flight.

This profession taught in so-called "stewardesses schools" or "celestial schools."



If you have seriously decided to become a flight attendant, select the airline, in which you would like to work. Practically each of them operate their own schools.


For the future of flight attendants high demands: their age must be at least 18 but not more than 35 years old- growth - strictly from 160 cm right speech and good looks will also be required.


For enrollment you need flight attendantsto pass an interview. There you will have to tell briefly about yourself, to show the crust of higher education (if any), as well as the mention of their skills and abilities. Preference is usually given to those girls who know English. So before you go for an interview, a foreign best "pull" on the specialized courses.


It should also be borne in mind that on international flights usually operate with higher flight attendants, it is desirable to linguistic education, and on domestic flights can operate without it.


Before you go to school, you have toundergo serious medical examination. The flight attendants are taking only those with good health (no nerve and cardiovascular disease). You also will not allow the course, if you fail the psychological testing or wrong lead yourself in a stressful situation.


If the interview was successfully completed ahead of you waiting for flight attendant training, which lasts about 2-3 months. Learn to be 6 days a week during the day.


If you are interested in interviewing representatives of the airline your person, you will pass the training for free. You will even be paid a small stipend (about 5000 rubles).


After three months of training you will be invited to gointernship at one of the airline's aircraft (although these terms are only approximate). Once you pass it, and you pass the final exam, you will be allowed to work.

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