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How do I log in if you are blocked

How do I log in if you are blocked

When searching for information on the Internet is not uncommonthe appearance of the windows blocked addresses. This means that your provider or administrator might block certain resources for safety reasons, moral or by mistake.

When you request access to this site, the proxy server returns failure, and as a result you will see a window "Site suspended".

This limitation can be circumvented by using simple techniques that depend only on which of them is more convenient to you.



Use a Web proxy, otherwise known asanonymizers. The essence of their action is that you are sending the request is not a site that you want, and anonymizer site, then redirect you through the information from a site that interests you. To use them, type in «web proxy» search bar, find the line to enter the website address, type in the site you are interested in and use.


Another option is to usesearch engine google. Type in the search box address of the site and found it in the results, which will appear, then click on the "View sohzranennuyu version", which is a reference to the site you want.


Use Opera mini browser. It was originally designed for use on mobile phones, so you will need to pre-install java emulator. After that, download and run the Opera mini browser. The essence of his work - that your request goes through opera.com server, and all the information that is displayed on your computer screen, you come to it from the server, rather than from a site address that you request, so your proxy it does not block the server.

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