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How to enter the School of Ministry of Internal Affairs

How to enter the school MIA

Military profession has always been considered honorable and respectable, so many parents want to send their sons to study at military schools MIA.

Enrolling in the Russian Interior Ministry School is not so simple, but that is where man becomes a man, and acquires all the necessary skills in order to honorably defend their fellow citizens.



Remember that at the military academy training lasts 3of the year. To do it are Russian citizens aged 15 years and who have graduated from the 8 classes of secondary schools, have the direction of the unit personnel Interior Ministry or other body, are suitable for health and meet the requirements of professional selection. To see all of the requirements for candidates, download online Military School (http://www.svu.ru/) instructions on the organization of enrollment.


Military schools are in many Russian cities, so do not rush to send the child is in Moscow. Think about what it would be better for him.


Start by writing a report (application) for admissionin college and apply it to the selection committee for the period from 15 April to 15 May. Since your son is not an adult, you will be his legal representative and will conduct all negotiations with the selection committee.


Statement write to the chief organ of the nameInterior in your area. The personal file of the candidate for entry will be generated in the period from 15 April to 1 June. The personal file should also contain the personal application wants to learn, copies of other documents, statements from the school and candidate characteristics, photos, medical records and, if available, documents for the provision of benefits.


It now remains only to pass the entranceexams, and, if successful, your son will be a student at a military school. Prepare your child to pass the following exams: test in mathematics, Russian and foreign yazykam- testing to determine the psychological and physical readiness test. If the school or lyceum your child learn a foreign language, he will be given preference.


Admission to the College of the Ministry of Interior will open in front of yourbaby broad prospects for personal growth and self-development. The structure of the classes and disciplines built in such a way that the identity of the person to develop harmoniously, making it durable, sturdy, well-versed in the law.

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