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How to enter the vista registry

How to enter the vista registry

Vista operating system has many features to configure.

But there are users that these possibilities are not enough.

Then can come to the aid of Vista registry.

It is through editing the registry can beto achieve the most comfortable for themselves the operating system: OS disable certain functions, thus freeing memory, manage programs, downloading, etc.

You will need

  • - A computer running Windows Vista.



To start editing just need to open registry. There are several ways to do this. Press the start button of the operating system (located in the lower left corner of the desktop). Then select the "All Programs", and the list of programs - "Standard". Find it "Command Prompt." Start a command prompt, type Regedit value and press Enter. In a second registry Vista operating system will open.


Another way to open registry. Click the shortcut Win and R. Win key is in the bottom row of buttons on the keyboard, if the keyboard is standard. It depicts the logo of the company Microsoft. The line appears as type Regedit, and then the bottom of the window, click OK. window with registryom will be launched.


If you try to log in registry Window operating system registrybut it does not start, and a notification appears thatthat editing is forbidden, the more likely you are not logged in with an administrator account. In this case, you need to either log on with a computer administrator account, or add to your account in the computer's administrator.


If you go in with an administrator account, and registry still does not open, then this suggests that,that's probably on your computer is a virus or malware. Scan the system to their presence. If the antivirus program detects a virus, remove them or quarantine. Then restart your computer. Repeat the opening try registrya.

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