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How to log in to the vista registry


How to log in to the vista registry</a>

The operating system Vista has a very wide range of configuration options.

But there are users who do not have enough of these capabilities.

Then the Vista registry can come to the rescue.

It is through editing the registry that you canTo achieve the most comfortable for yourself the operation of the operating system: disable certain functions of the OS, thereby freeing up memory, managing the loading of programs, etc.

You will need

  • - A computer running Windows Vista.



To begin editing, you just need to open registry. There are several ways to do this. Click the start button of the operating system (located in the lower left corner of the desktop). After that, select "All Programs", and from the list of programs - "Standard". Find there "Command Line". After running a command prompt, type Regedit and press Enter. In a second registry Vista operating system will be open.


Another way to open registry. Press the Win and R key combination. The Win key is in the bottom row of buttons on the keyboard, if the keyboard is standard. It shows the logo of Microsoft. In the line that appears, also type Regedit, then click OK from the bottom of the window. Window with registryTh will be started.


If you try to enter registry Operating system window registryBut it does not start, but a notification appears,That editing is prohibited, most likely, you are not logged in with an administrator account. In this case, you must either log on with a computer administrator account, or add your account to computer administrators.


If you log in using the administrator account, and registry Still does not open, then it says that,That probably there is a virus or a malicious program on your computer. Scan the system for their availability. If the antivirus program detects viruses, then delete them or put them in quarantine. After that, restart the computer. Try to open again registrya.

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