How to enter the culinary college


Knowledge of the specialties of entering the culinary college will help the entrant in preparation for the exams and during them.

Ability to demonstrate their experience and skills in the interview - plus a coin box for the future student.

Become a top-notch chef, work in theThe best restaurants, create masterpieces of culinary art - for someone it's a cherished dream. Why start yesterday's schoolchild to get closer to her?

Required documents

Having chosen a certain culinary college, the entrant must collect a package of documents and hand it to the admissions committee.
• Original passport.
•; 6 photos in size 3x4.
• Original document on education (diploma on NGOs, certificate).
• Certificate of the USE or the result of the GIA.
• Medical insurance policy.
• Certificate from the medical institution (form 086-y), confirming the absence of any contraindications to the training in the technical school in the chosen direction.

Entrance tests

After the 9th grade: Russian language and mathematics. In most educational institutions interviews are conducted.
2. After the 11th grade: Russian language and mathematics. Enrollment in an educational institution can occur according to the results of the USE.


Some cooking colleges recruit studentsWithout entrance examinations. The Admissions Committee, in addition to the results of the USE, will pay attention to your personal qualities during the interview. You may be asked why you chose to choose this profession, whether you will be able to endure greater physical exertion, inform about the nuances of work by a cook. Also, when you enter, you may wonder if you have an artistic taste and imagination, since cooking and decorating them is a creative process.

Knowledge is power

Know about the latest technological developments,Be able to assess the quality of a dish, talk about modern trends in the field of culinary art, know about the leading chefs of the world - all this will make a good impression on the examiners.
Feel free to show your knowledge. Interviewing is not the case when modesty adorns. At the exam, you have the opportunity to excel and be in good standing with the teachers.
Becoming a cook is a wonderful decision, because thisOne of the most popular specialties in the world. Prepare to learn a lot and work on yourself. You are required not only to be able to mix in the necessary proportion of the ingredients and bring them to the full. You must gain knowledge in various fields of science and art and bring your experience to perfection.

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