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How to sign in to safe mode


How to sign in to safe mode</a>

If you turn on the computer, the operating systemThe system stopped loading, for example, instead of normal Windows loading there are strange symbols, or the system simply constantly reboots, it means that there was a serious failure.

This can happen due to viruses, power surges or other reasons. In this situation, you should boot the system in safe mode.

Using it, you can find and fix the problem or detect and remove the virus.

Also in this mode, you can try to remove programs that are not deleted in normal mode.

You will need

  • - A computer running Windows.



Entering the safe mode is carried outBy pressing the F key. It all depends on the version of the operating system, as well as the model of your motherboard. In the overwhelming majority of cases, enter the OS selection menu by pressing the F8 key. But the F5 key or another F-key can also be an alternative. You can try it by brute force, that is, if the operating system boot selection menu does not appear, then you reboot and try pressing another F-key.


Now more about the process itself. Turn on the computer. Immediately after launching it, you need to press the F-key. You need to do this until Windows appears. When you press the right key, the window for selecting operating system boot options opens. Here you need to choose "Safe Mode". You can also open the operating system selection window, even if you have one operating system installed. In this window, press F8, and you will be taken to the download options window.


The universal way to enter safe mode is suitable only if your operating system is loaded in the normal Mode. Open the command line (located in"Standard Programs") and enter Msconfig. Then go to the "Download" tab and in the "Boot Options" section select "Safe Mode". Slightly lower if necessary, you can check the additional checkbox for loading the safe mode. Then click "Apply" and close the window. Restart the computer. After that, it will boot into the safe Mode.


The boot process in this Mode Occurs a little longer in comparison with normal. You just have to wait. After logging in, the system notifies you that the computer was Mode. The next computer boot will already occur in the normal Mode.

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