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How to get in safe mode

How to get into Safe Mode

If you start your computer operatingthe system will not load, for example, instead of the normal Windows boot Incorrect characters appear, or the system simply rebooted constantly, it means that a serious failure has occurred in it.

This can happen due to viruses, power surge or other reasons. In such a situation, you should boot the system in safe mode.

Using it, you can find and fix the problem or to detect and remove the virus.

Also, the program can try to remove in this mode are not removed in the normal mode.

You will need

  • - Computer of Windows.



Log into safe mode byby F. keystroke It all depends on the version of the operating system, as well as your motherboard model. In most cases, enter the operating system boot options menu, you can use the F8 key. But it is also frequent alternative F5 key or other F-keys can act. You can try using brute force, that is, if the choice of operating system boot menu does not appear, then reboot and try to push the other F-key.


Now about the process in more detail. Turn on the computer. Immediately after the start you need to press the F-key. We need to have time to do it until it appears in Windows. When you press the right key to open a window of choices loading the operating system. Here and select "Safe Mode." It may also open a window of the operating system of choice, even if you have another operating system installed. In this window, press F8, and you will be in the boot options selection window.


Universal way to enter the secure mode is suitable only if your operating system is loaded in the ordinary mode. Open a command prompt (found in"Standard programs"), and then type Msconfig. Then go to the tab "Download" and in the "Boot Options" tick "Safe Mode". Below, you can mark the checkbox additional Safe Mode Boot items if necessary. Next, click "Apply" and close the window. Restart the computer. Then he will load in a safe mode.


The boot process in this mode It occurs slightly longer than normal. You just have to wait. After entering the system notifies you that your computer has been loaded in a safe mode. Next, the computer boots has to occur in normal mode.

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