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How to enter safe mode


How to enter safe mode</a>

Safe mode ? This is one way to start the Windows operating system on the computer.

This mode is necessary if you want to remove any kind of viruses, trojans or spyware.

Safe mode is an additional trimmed boot option and does not load anything superfluous except for the basic Windows drivers and services.



To enter Safe Mode, restart the computer.
After the PC starts downloading the baseAn input / output system (BIOS), a short beep will sound and the computer manufacturer's logo will appear on the screen. At this time, press the F8 key on the keyboard. If nothing happens, press it quickly several times in a row until the screen appears in front of you? The Advanced Options Menu ?. If the menu has not appeared and the Windows operating system has started loading, restart the computer again and press F8 before, during or until the motherboard beeps.


If everything went well, select the menuBoot options? Safe mode? (In the English version?? Safe Mode?). Use the arrow keys? Up? And? Down? To navigate the menu and press? Enter? For selection.


After selecting the boot in safe mode,Wait until the OS boots. It takes slightly longer than normal Windows boot. After downloading, a message will appear on the screen indicating that the computer is running in limited mode and to continue working in this mode, you need to click on the button? Yes? In the dialog box.

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