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How to enter safe mode

how to get into Safe Mode

Safe mode ? is one way to start the Windows operating system on your computer.

This mode is needed if you want to remove any kind of viruses, Trojans or spyware.

Safe mode is an additional cut-down version to download and does not download anything extra other than the main drivers and Windows services.



To enter Safe Mode, restart your computer.
After the PC will begin to load the baseinput-output system (BIOS), you will hear a short beep and the screen will display the emblem of the computer manufacturer. At this time, press the F8 key on your keyboard. If nothing happens, press it quickly a few times, until before you screen appears? Startup menu ?. If the menu did not appear, and start the Windows operating system boots again, restart the computer and press F8 before, during or up to the sound of the motherboard signal.


If all goes well, select the menudownload options? Safe Mode? (In the English version?? Safe Mode?). Use the arrow keys? Up? and? down? to move through menus and key? Enter? for selection.


After selecting a boot in safe mode,Wait until the operating system is loaded. It takes a little more time than a normal Windows usage. Once downloaded to a message box is displayed stating that the computer is running in restricted mode and to continue working in this mode, you need to click on the button? Yeah? in the dialog box.

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