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How to enter the registry in Windows Vista

How to enter the registry in Windows Vista

With access to the registry editor, you have access to the backbone of the operating system.

In Windows Vista, enter it in several ways: using the window "Run" or Windows Desktop Search.



First you need to open the window "Run", but itby default in the Windows Vista operating system, hidden. In order to see it, click on the "Start" button, right-click and from the menu select "Properties". This opens a window "Properties of the taskbar and the" Start "menu.


Select the "" Start "menu and click"Tune". In the new window displays a list of options, among which you need to find "command" Run "and put a check next to it. Click OK, and in the next window - "Apply" and OK. Now, in addition to other items in the menu "Start" button is located and "Run ...". In addition, this window can be opened, simply by pressing the hotkey Win + R.


How any of these methods, open"Run", type regedit in it and press Enter on your keyboard. If a window will appear, asking for permission to make changes using the program to run (registry), Click it, "Yes." editor appears registry.


Instead of the "Run" box, you can usesearch bar, which is located at the bottom of the menu "Start". Enter it in regedit. Among the results, select the SERPs, actually, regedit. In the next window (if it appears), click "Yes". You will see the editor window registry.

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