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English style in interior

English style in interior

London, tea and Sherlock Holmes - are the first associations with England, such a noble and at the same time cozy.

Exactly the same is the English style, the chamber, with lots of interesting details and always likable.



This style is suitable and large rooms andsmall room, after all, the English apartments are often small in their areas. The basis of this style are the classic form, an abundance of fabrics softened.


Center of any English interior isfireplace, it is made of stone or decorated with wood paneling. Wood generally an integral part of English the interior, it is used for decoration of the walls, in furniture, cornices. Preferably, such colored wood, like mahogany, walnut stained oak. For walls, you can also choose a wallpaper or a monochromatic painting. Wallpaper Choose from a floral ornament, perhaps the Chinese style, classical England strip. The colors you can take almost any, but slightly muffled, as if dusty.


To finish the floor using parquet tiles - checkered. It will be nice if you put on the floor carpet. Carpet choose a small pattern such as floral.


Using a variety of textiles, it cushions andcurtains, and all kinds of napkins, do not skimp on the details. Fabrics for furniture, you can choose a hair's breadth rest of textiles, but the main condition is the quality of fabrics, comfort and no synthetics. The furniture in the English style is soft and bulk. It is traditional soft ottoman that serves as a coffee table.


The English style is an indispensable attributebook, so think carefully about your library. Cabinets are usually made of wood. In addition to books, decorate your shelves a variety of statues, pictures, and other pleasant things. Great accessory is a massive wall clocks, paintings and tapestries in heavy frames, luxury flowers in porcelain vases.

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