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HOW do in the gym

How to engage in the gym

This article will help people who first came to the gym and do not know where to start to do.

You will need

  • 1) About 250 rubles for a visit to the gym.
  • 2) shorts, socks, sneakers, T-shirt
  • 3) efforts.



First of all, since employment in the rocking chair,you need to look around and note the presence or absence of the necessary simulators you. For the first class is enough availability of barbells, dumbbells of various weights, bench-press. If possible Naladte contact with the coach, as it will help to make a tentative program for the first months of training and the introduction of new exercises will tell the correct implementation of the technique. If, further advice will help you very convenient for you to come in a rocking chair with a ready plan workouts.


Examined. It is time to begin the practical part of the training. Then everything will depend on the goals you pursue, coming to the gym. If you need to drive away the fat, you need to increase the number of repetitions to 15-20 and make them at a higher rate with relatively small weights.
If you want to increase the initial weight, you need to do the exercises with heavy weights. In the next step we will look at the basic exercises that are recommended for beginners.


Below is a list of basic exercises. Perform their permissible in any sequence.
1. Squats. Squats are performed with the rod, previously laid on the shoulders. Feet shoulder width apart in parallel (to whom as convenient). When visually squat knees should not go for the socks. Exercise should be performed at an average rate of normal breathing. This exercise develops the lower back muscles and quadriceps.
2. Bench press bar lying. At the first training this exercise should be done with a weight below working to eliminate various types of injuries.
3. Pull-ups wide grip perfectly developed back muscles.
4. Press. Bending the body lying on a flat bench.
5. barbell bench press standing or "Army mode" allows you to bleed the deltoids and shoulders all in general.

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