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Energy-saving lamps: pros and cons

Energy-saving lamps: pros and cons

Energy-saving lamps now have both his supporters and opponents.

To understand how they're useful, you need to identify and analyze all of their strengths and weaknesses.

Energy-saving lamps are analogouscommon offices "fluorescent tubes." In fact it is the same tube, rolled into a snake or a spiral and filled with mercury vapor. The tube walls are covered with phosphor. Under the influence of the mercury vapor electric discharge emit ultraviolet rays, causing a phosphor deposited on a wall, to emit light. Lamp base contains electronic ballast (electronic ballasts) that is responsible for starting the lamp (electronic ballast in office lighting is usually installed in the ceiling itself).

Advantages of energy saving lamps

Energy saving lamps have a longservice life - 10-12 thousand hours. Given that the lamps are made different in quality level as possible to take the average of 7000 hours. Conventional lamps last up to 1000 hours, thus saving the lead in any way and are suitable for use at home.

Another positive aspectenergy-saving lamps is a low power consumption. These lamps consume electricity 5 times less, although their power in this case corresponds to the one that is characteristic of the "lampochkek Ilyich." In addition, energy-saving lamps usually shine brighter and better illuminate the room.

In fluorescent lamps extends the factory warranty, while no guarantee is not provided for conventional lamps.

Design-saving lamps arranged in such athat when light is no stroboscopic effect, and light output remains stable even when the voltage ripple. With this eye when light considerably less tired.

Use energy-saving lamps can be, even in those areas where there are temperature limitations, as these lamps hardly heat up.

Cons of energy saving lamps

Fluorescent lamps are more expensive than usual: the price for a single lamp is 50-100 rubles for copies of the Russian and Chinese production and to 200 rubles - for quality imports. It is high-quality and competitive products are Russia, the price is the most appropriate.

The tube contains mercury vapor, therefore, it is not recommended to break a lamp. If this happens, you need to ventilate the room immediately.

Socle of the energy-saving lamp is slightly more than the size of a traditional, so it is not suitable to all the chandeliers.

Lighting energy saving lamp looksunusual and can not please everyone. The light from an ordinary lamp seems a little yellow, while the energy-saving emits virtually white light that does not seem comfortable to each eye.

Operation of energy saving lamps

To avoid negative consequences when dealing with energy-saving lamps can be, if necessary to comply with the requirements and recommendations.

The first thing to deal with fragilebulb as gently as possible. If you perform a variety of manipulations, such as transportation, installation, removal, etc., keep the energy saving light bulbs for plastic housing. This particularly applies to models with thin tubes. Carefully work with shades that have a narrow neck, because there can be problems with screwing in light bulbs.

Remember that energy saving lamps do not toleratefrequent inclusions. Lamps up to 13W power can not turn off at all. They can run all day, as a result of the reduction of the resource due to unnecessary inclusions be much more expensive.

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If you plan to turn on the light in a certain place3-4 times a day, it is best to use energy-saving lamps with soft-start function. It is not always convenient, but it extends the life of a well. Availability features are not always easy to find, so you need to ask the retailer before you buy.

Despite the fact that the function of instantaneous start is often stated as a virtue, though you should avoid buying cheap energy-saving lamps, especially in China.

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Try to control the time of workenergy-saving lamps. You can record the date of entry into service, for example, directly on the plastic housing with a lead pencil. According to these records in the future you will be able to determine the most reliable manufacturers. Sellers often provide a guarantee of six months, which is the minimum allowable by law, but substandard bulbs hardly last long, and this time, so keep the receipts and packaging.

It is necessary to carefully choose lampshades and diffusers,since they are able to "steal" to 60% of the light. Usually ceiling used to soften harsh light bulbs and fluorescent create soft lighting in themselves.

To enable the luminous flux as much as possible, try to use a mirror tape. Obkleyte their ceiling in the inside of the luminaire, the wall of the lamp, etc.

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