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Energy saver

The devices save energy

With the constant increase in electricity tariffs and fuel prices, many probably thought about switching to alternative fuel and energy sources.

What are they?



Let's start with hybrid cars. Cars fossil fuel cheaper hybrid. Once the "green" cars were slow and unreliable, but over the years, cars with hybrid engines at prices closer to ordinary machines, however, buyers still prefer long last - so familiar. Meanwhile, low fuel consumption, under conditions of constant dorozhanie - this is a good opportunity to save money.


Continuing the theme. Research group MSN Autos concluded that today the most favorable in comparison to the "regular" version of Hybrid Vehicles - lexus ct 200h. It allows the owners to save for five years, almost 6400 dollars.


Consider the theme of electric vehicles. Savings in their use is unlikely to be significant because these machines are expensive, and for filling them are rare. Even in America, where operating subsidies for the purchase of these machines, the savings will be noticeable only after five or six years of owning such a car.


To help save the device may in the long termsolar energy. For example, the US government encouraged its citizens to move to these devices, and panels to collect solar energy in the courtyards of houses of Americans can be seen more and more often. The system cost about 20 thousand dollars who wants to buy it would cost a third less - the difference in price to compensate the country's authorities. In addition, U.S. grants issued to each purchaser of such equipment - $ 1,000 times. There are other reasons to purchase such equipment.


The reason for the popularity of ordinary bulbsaccumulate on the background of the newly emerged energy saving is simple - the price. Energy saving is much more expensive. But at the same time they operate many times longer than normal, while consuming less than three-quarters of electricity. In addition, energy-saving lamps produce the same color temperature and brightness, the incandescent lamp.

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