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Energy drinks with his own hands

Energy drinks at home

Everyone knows that the sugar and caffeine are harmful to the human body.

But how to deal with an afternoon yawn? On the revenue will come some recipes for natural energy.

Cooking them is easy, and they are quite effective.

Fire hydrant


  • cayenne pepper - schepotka-
  • juice limonnyy-
  • filtered water.

Be energetic - it means not only to sleep for 8 hours a day, and drink plenty of water.

The recipe of our first energy is quite simple - it is a mixture of cayenne pepper, water and lemon juice. Let's talk a little about the ingredients.

Lemon is pleasant to the taste, and it has acid, to maintain a healthy pH level. Cayenne pepper improves heart function and increases vitality.

Add the ingredients in 4 cups of water and stir. Drinks can be multiple times per day.


  • turmeric - 1/4 ch.l.-
  • Cardamom - 1/4 ch.l.-
  • fresh ginger - two-centimetric kusochek-
  • Honey - 2 ch.l.-
  • hot water.

This drink is best not to drink in the evening, or can not sleep. Grated ginger rub or crush his chesnokodavkoy. Add the spices in a cup, pour boiling water and stir.

It invigorates it thanks to a large dose of ginger. In the beverage has not only effektvinost, but also a great taste. Ginger improves blood circulation, speeds up metabolism and has a positive effect on digestion.

Drink this natural energy can then bedinner, when pulling sleep. Turmeric is a close relative of ginger and also makes a person energetic. Honey do drink sweet and will help to strengthen the immune system.


  • milk - 1 stakan-
  • Flaxseed - 1 ch.l.-
  • yogurt without filler - 1/2 stakana-
  • cabbage - 2 lista-
  • almonds - 1/4 stakana-
  • ripe banana - 1 pc.

Take some deep dish of medium size and mix it with milk flaxseed. Then add yogurt with no filler.

Grinding in a blender cabbage leaves Ripe banana crush and turn to mush. Crumble the almonds into small pieces. Add all ingredients into the mix and stir well. Drink this drink better in the morning, with a sandwich.

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