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How to encourage himself jogging

How to motivate yourself jogging

Running - a well-known remedy for raising the body's tone, because it makes work almost every muscle in the human body.

Many people know the feeling of lightness in the head andpleasant heaviness in the muscles after a morning run, as well as a sense of pride in themselves, such sports. But force yourself to run continuously for some reason is very hard.

Maybe we can help some tricks?

You will need

  • jogging suit
  • sneakers
  • strength of will



Any business person in the dispute, when he hasstimulus. For example, if you know that your favorite actress or singer running in the morning - is not that an incentive? The famous model Natalia Vodianova to fashion shows in Paris participated in the marathon 21 km. Katie Holmes after the New York marathon admitted that no juice detox will not allow such a result as jogging. Heidi Klum, Allanis Morissette and Gwyneth Paltrow - they became a fan of running, as well as many other famous actresses. Their incentive is apparently - health and excellent appearance. To us it does not hurt.
And if we take the example of your favorite athletes, just to say nothing. They have to train many hours a day, and not just run in the morning or in the evening.
Perhaps you will stmulom for sportavailable to the larger, on the MDM you will want to show off as a runner or kortkie distance. Now, in many places, it hosts a variety of marathons, which are attended by ordinary people - just for fun.


If you do not like to run one (one) - Findlike-minded friends or park where there are like-minded people, and join them. When a person is not alone, he feels more confident. Perhaps someone from the neighbors, too, has long dreamed to run in the morning or in the evening, but one does not dare. And I see you in a tracksuit, do this step.


Read about the benefits of running - it will help to understand,Why jogging need you. Russian academician and cardiac surgeon Nikolai Amosov, for example, urged compatriots "to get away from a heart attack," and with his diagnosis of "heart disease" has lived for nearly 90 years. He argued that while running trains the cardiovascular system, increases lung capacity and blood moves much faster, there is a release of the hormone serotonin. In the 70s of the last century in the United States even had a kind of boom in the run, which is nowadays largely moved to the hobby sports walking, since running is a big load on ankles, knees and spine.


Determine the optimal initial load forthemselves, not to be too hard and not too easy. Listen to your body - how he feels? If the muscles are too sore, it is a little cut the track. If the feelings of satisfaction and cheerfulness after running no - Increase its length. Only it is not necessary at this time to listen to Lady Laziness, it is not a good advise. If there is self-pity - that's for sure, it sneaks into your brain to destroy the heroic initial plans. The Council then only one - chase her neck.


Make it a habit to run to measure the pulse andthereafter. If the second position of about 180 beats per minute, then you run to the limit forces. You may want to reduce the load? Although decide, of course, everyone. Over time, the heart rate after the same route should become calmer. This means that the body is already trained and well copes with these stresses. They can increase or leave at the same level, if you do not want to win in any marathon.


If you are a "meticulous" people learn the correctrunning technique. This will help coaches special teams, which are now everywhere set. In just a few sessions they will show that you are doing wrong and how to run the professionals.


Perhaps the final decision "to run or notrun "will help you to accept the feedback of who started doing this? Their general opinion is that in addition to the arms and legs tightened, they purchased a net head, are more hardy and organized, more energetic and mobile. So many problems are solved on the job much easier and faster, and all of their life as a whole has become more interesting.

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