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How to encourage yourself to run

How to encourage yourself to run</a>

Running is a well-known means for raising the tone of the body, because it forces almost all the muscles of the human body to work.

Many people know the feeling of lightness in the head andPleasant weight in the muscles after a morning run, as well as a sense of pride in yourself, so athletic. But to force myself to run constantly for some reason is very difficult.

Perhaps some tricks will help us?

You will need

  • Costume for running
  • sneakers
  • strength of will



Everyone's business is controversial when he hasstimulus. For example, if you know that your favorite actress or singer is running around in the morning - is not this an incentive? Known model Natalia Vodianova before the fashion show in Paris participated in the marathon 21 km. Katie Holmes after the New York marathon admitted that no juice detoxes will not give such a result as morning jogs. Heidi Klum, Allanis Morissette and Gwyneth Paltrow - they all became fans of running, like many other famous actresses. Their stimulus, apparently - health and excellent appearance. We are also not hindered.
And if you take the example of your favorite athletes, then there is simply nothing to talk about. They have to train many hours a day, and not just go for a walk in the morning or in the evening.
Perhaps, for you will become a sportsOn the other hand, you want to shine as a runner for long or short distances. Now in many places, various marathons are held, in which the most ordinary people take part - just for the sake of interest.


If you do not like running alone (one) - findLike-minded people among friends or a park where such like-minded people are, and join them. When a person is not alone, he feels more confident. Perhaps one of the neighbors has long dreamed of running in the morning or evening, but one does not dare. And seeing you in a sports suit, will take this step.


Read about the benefits of running - it will help to understand,Why do you need jogs. The Russian academician and cardiac surgeon Nikolai Amosov, for example, urged his compatriots to "run away from a heart attack," and with his diagnosis "heart disease" lived almost 90 years. He argued that during the run the cardiovascular system is trained, the lung volume increases and the blood moves much faster, the hormone serotonin is released. In the 70s of the last century in the United States there was even a kind of running boom, which in our time has basically gone into the hobby of athletic walking, as when running there is a big load on the ankles, knees and spine.


Determine the optimal initial load forYourself, so that it will not be too hard or too easy. Listen to the body - how does it feel? If the muscles are too painful, then you should slightly reduce the route. If the feeling of satisfaction and vigor after jogging is not there - increase its length. Just do not need to listen to Mrs. Laziness at this time, she will not advise good. If there is self-pity, it's as if she is making her way to your brain to destroy the original heroic plans. There is only one advice - drive her to the neck.


Take the habit of measuring your pulse before running andAfter it. If the second position is about 180 beats per minute, then you are running at the limit of your strength. Perhaps it is worth reducing the load? Although everyone decides, of course, everyone. Over time, the pulse after the same route should become more calm. This means that the body is already trained and copes well with these loads. They can be increased or left at the same level if you do not want to win in any marathon.


If you are a "meticulous" person, study the correctRunning technique. This will help trainers of special groups, which are now everywhere set. In a few sessions they will show what you are doing wrong and how professionals are running around.


Perhaps the final decision "to run or notRun "will help you take the feedback of those who started it? Their common opinion is this: in addition to tightened arms and legs, they acquired a clean head, became more enduring and organized, more energetic and mobile. Therefore, many problems at work are solved much easier and faster, and their whole life as a whole has become more interesting.

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