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How do I enable wifi adapter on the laptop hp

How do I enable wifi adapter on the laptop hp

Quite often, in the personal computer users, especially beginners, there are various problems.

The principal also are not the most common, for example, the inclusion of Wi-Fi-adapter.

In that case, if the user can not seeinclude Wi-Fi-adapter, it can not connect to the Internet. On laptops, including HP's, WiFi-adapter is the only way to connect to the Internet.

Enabling WiFi-adapter on the HP laptops

WiFi-adapter in each computer brandactivated differently. Most often, in order to enable the WiFi-adapter, a certain key combination must be pressed (FN + ...). Less switching adapter is carried out by pressing just one button. Further, the method incorporating WiFi completely different on each model.
For example, in the case of HP laptop solutionthe problem is all-only a few clicks on the keyboard. In all other cases, it may be somewhat different. Most often on the HP series laptops, WiFi can be enabled only by swiping your finger on the touch button with a small antenna connection. In some cases, you can connect to the internet is by pressing a specific key combination - is FN and F12. On the other models of the brand HP laptops including WiFi-adapter made the most common touch of a button with a picture of the antenna.

WiFi-adapter connection on laptops of other brands

As mentioned above, the adapter including WiFi-It can be made in different ways, depending on the model and brand notebook. In order to learn how it is done on laptops other brands, you need to carefully read the instructions on the computer manual (user guide included with each computer).
Regarding the connection by the combination ofkeys (FN + ...), in most cases, used just such a method. In addition, the function key can perform other operations. If you do not see on his laptop a function key, it is likely that the wireless internet connection you made in any other manner described above (you need to click on any special switch or use a different button, designed specifically for this ).

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