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How to enable wifi adapter on hp laptop


Quite often, users of personal computers, especially beginners, have various problems.

The main ones are also not ordinary ones, for example, the inclusion of a Wi-Fi adapter.

In the event that the user can not find andTurn on the Wi-Fi adapter, it will not be able to connect to the Internet. On laptops, including HP, the WiFi adapter is the only way to connect to the Internet.

Enable WiFi adapter on HP laptops

WiFi adapter for each brand of computerIs included in different ways. Most often in order to turn on the WiFi adapter, you need to press a certain key combination (FN + ...). Less often, the adapter is turned on by pressing just one button. In addition, the way to turn on WiFi is completely different on each model.
For example, in the case of the HP laptop, the solutionThe problem is just a few clicks on the keyboard. In other cases, everything can be a little different. Most often on laptops of the HP series, WiFi can only be turned on with a finger on the touch button with a picture of a small communication antenna. In some cases, you can connect to the Internet by pressing a certain key combination - it's FN and F12. On the other models of HP notebooks, the WiFi adapter is turned on by the usual push of a button with an antenna image.

Connecting a WiFi adapter to laptops of other brands

As mentioned above, the WiFi adapterCan be produced in different ways, depending on the model and brand of the laptop. In order to learn how this is done on laptops of other brands, you must carefully read the user's manual of the computer (user manual is attached to each computer).
With regard to connection using combinationsKeys (FN + ...), in most cases this method is used. In addition, this function button can also perform other operations. If you do not see such a function button on your laptop, then it's likely that you have a wireless Internet connection in some other way described above (you need to click on some special switch or use another button specifically for this ).

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