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How do I enable plugins in the browser mozilla firefox

How do I enable plugins in the browser mozilla firefox

Firefox is a popular browser, whose functionality can be extended with additional tools (plug-ins).

To find and play the desired plug-in, you may need to transition to a browser extensions manager which can be found in the program functions.

Enable plug-in installed

To control the already installed plug-ins andextensions of Mozilla Firefox you will need to go to the extension manager. To do this, click on the icon to launch the browser to open the main program window. After that, click on the Firefox button in the upper left corner of the screen. Before you browser menu will appear that allows you to change the program settings, and select the function of some extensions installed previously. Click on the item "Add-ons". tab will be displayed in front of you, on the page that will display the existing plug-ins. Click "Enable" to activate the desired expansion of the program window.

If the plugin is already activated, you can disable it in the same way. On the other hand already included the expansion will be located "Disable" button.

If you want to see a list of all extensionsavailable for inclusion in your browser, click on the item "Plugins" in the left side of the page. In the drop-down list in the string names of each item you can choose the start-up parameters. To disable the extension, select "Do not include". If you want to fully activate the module, click on the option "always include". In some cases, you can also select "Enable on-demand", if you want to run an extension only on certain pages.

Download the latest additions

If you want to download or activate newextension for your browser in the "Add-ons" menu of your browser, select "Get Add-ons", which is in the left side of the plugin manager. web interface will be displayed in front of you allows you to download any extension that is available for your program. Press the line "search among ons" you can enter the name of a particular application. To find a suitable extension, you can also use the list of categories or the list of the most popular at the moment extensions.

To complete the installation of some plug-ins need to restart the browser.

After selecting the desired plug-in, read itfunctionality. click "Add to Firefox» To install the plugin. Click on the "Allow" button to download the add-on. After the download wait for the window, a warning about the dangers of installing plugins from unknown authors. Click "Install Now" to apply the changes and automatic activation element.

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