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Turn on the Navigator


Turn on the Navigator</a>

GPS navigation is a very popular application in our running pace of life. You can easily find out your location or route to absolutely any destination.

You can enable the Navigator on various mobile devices: PDA, navigator or phone.



The most acceptable way to connect to navigation is to use the function directly from your mobile phone.
First you will need to download the necessary maps forNavigation in the cellular phone system. The cards are available on official gps systems for all interested users. Then go to the menu item with navigation, select "Settings" and "Load maps". The phone system will redirect you to the required web service. Next, choose a map for the specific region where you live.


Select the "Maps" or "Start navigation" command. After some time, the first download will take place. On the CMS or mobile phone screen, you will see the map and the point of your location. Next, you can safely calculate distances, plot routes and specify destinations.


To turn on the GPS device on your device,You will need to turn on the map page. Select the "Navigation" application on the menu page and enter "Login". Then highlight the "Enable map mode" section and click "Sign in" again. You will see a page with a map on which the point of your current location will flash. If you have any problems when downloading, then please contact Yandex Maps or Google Maps services, as often these maps are used in the navigation system.


Since the device serves mainly in the car,You will need to install the navigator on a convenient dashboard for you. Then screw the navigation system with the screws that come with the kit. Make sure that the system is connected to all the necessary contacts. Most systems can run on battery power, and then you do not need to connect them to the car's on-board computer. And some systems still work only when the ignition is on. So take into account all the features of the system you bought.

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