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How to enable navigation

How to enable navigation

GPS navigation - a popular application ona variety of mobile devices, which allows you to determine your current location and get directions to any destinations. In addition, commercially available GPS navigators - devices which serve to navigate directly and are suitable for use in automobiles.

To enable navigation on any mobile device: mobile phone, PDA or navigation, you need to spend a few preparatory procedures.



So, if you are using a phone with thisfunction, to get started, download the necessary maps for navigation. They are available on the official websites of the gps systems and directly on the resource requirements for the particular phone model. To do this, go to the menu item with the navigation, click "Settings" and then "Download Card." The phone itself will redirect you to the appropriate Web service. Choose a card for a specific city or region, depending on where you are.


Then click "Post navigation"Or" Maps "and wait occur firstloading. After that, the mobile phone or PDA, you will see the downloaded map and point you specify the device as your location. Then you can specify the destination, directions, and calculate distances - navigation enabled.


To turn on navigation on the GPS device, you must turn the pagecards. To do this, select the menu page, click "Navigation» (Navigation) and press "Enter." Then highlight "Enable card» (Add map node) and then press "Enter." Immediately after that, on the navigation screen you will see a map page, which will mark your current location, from which you can start a movement. Also there is the possibility of recording in memory the current position, so you could go back to them.


The majority of navigation systems use maps Google Maps or Yandex Maps, so if you have problems booting, refer directly to data services.

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