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How to enable javaskript

How to enable javaskript

The JavaScript-scripts are executed in the browser to load a html-page visitor web site.

As this takes place directly inthe user's computer, it is a potential threat to its security. As a result - all browsers are setup to allow the execution to disable JavaScript-scenarios.

However, the active elements of some pages are constructed so that without these scripts may not function correctly.



To allow execution of JavaScript in the browserOpera expand its menu and go to "Settings", and then in the "Quick Settings". Find the item you want in it is not difficult - it is so designated, the "Enable JavaScript». There is another way - in the same section, the "Settings" item, click "General Settings" or simply press the hot key combination ctrl + f12. In the settings tab, click on "Advanced", then go to the "Content" section, and then put a tick in the inscriptions "Enable JavaScript».


To activate the same settings in the browserMozilla FireFox, click on the menu "Tools" section and activate the "Settings" line. Click the tab "Content" in the opened window and tick box by "Use JavaScript».


In Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer, inthe "service" of its menu, click "Internet Options" line. This opens a window where you need to click on the "Security" tab, and then click "Other". In the "Security Settings" look for "Scenarios" section, which has a sub-section "Active Scripting" - check "Enable" item in it.


In the Google Chrome browser, go to the menu andactivate the "Options" menu. Chrome will open a new page in which you need to click on the link "Advanced." In the "Personal data" click the button labeled "Content Settings" and open the browser on the next page, check the box next to "Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)" inscription.


When using the Apple Safari you need to open"Edit" and click on it the line "Settings" section. Click "Security" tab and in the section "Web content" check the box "Connect the JavaScript" in the window that opens.

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