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How to enable Autorun disc

AutoPlay settings window.

Autorun? This built-in Windows application that allows you to specify a program that will automatically open the multimedia files on removable media. For example, when you play the first DVD-ROM movies, the app will prompt you about what kind of player should be used by default.

Subsequently, playback of the movie will start immediately when the disc is turned on. For each type of media content autostart is configured separately.

In order to immediately adjust the AutoPlay for all file types, do the following procedure.



Click? Start ?. Select? Control Panel ?. In the window that opens, find the section? Hardware and Sound ?. Click on the item? Auto ?.


Check the box on line: Use AutoPlay for all media and devices ?. By this action you turn on the AutoRun feature.


For each file type, set the program that will open it by default.

For example, for music MP3-files, you can select the Windows Media Pleer, Winamp or any other player installed on your computer.


Click? Save ?.

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