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How to enable a remote computer

How to enable a remote computer

The remote computer is a virtual server, which is the operating system.

You can install various programs, play games, chat online, and more.

You will need

  • - the Internet-
  • - a computer-
  • - Server.



To enable remote a computerFirst of all you need to buy a server. Usually, at this time on the Internet, there are many services that are engaged in the sale and rental of servers. For example, you can rent your favorite Specify the server in a special service reg.ru. Choose the most appropriate option, since it is necessary to system settings match your requirements.


As soon as you have bought or leased a server, you can start setting up. Connect to the Internet a computery. Typically, the compound should be at least 128 kb / c. It is necessary to you in real-time can use all of the system server settings, that is, the virtual operating system. Further a computerie go to "Start". Next, click on the "All Programs" and select "Standard." Locate the column, which is called "Connecting to the Remote Desktop."


a small window will appear before you in which to fill the data for login to the remote a computer. Enter all the information that you were given atregister a new server. In the "Computer" tab, enter the server, namely, the numbers under which the server is registered in the system. In the tab "User" you need to make the name of the administrator who manages the server. Click on "Connect".


If all data has been entered correctly, the systemwill automatically connect you to the server and displays a window in which to enter a password for access. Enter all the data is correct, as several attempts to enter the wrong password may result in blocking the server for some time due to system failures. Click on "Connect". Next you will come to a virtual remote a computer. Menu is completely the same as the operating system a computera.

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