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How to enable remote computer


How to enable remote computer</a>

A remote computer is a virtual server on which the operating system stands.

You can install various programs, play games, chat on the Internet and much more.

You will need

  • - the Internet-
  • - a computer-
  • Server.



To enable remote a computer, First you need to purchase a server. As a rule, at the moment on the Internet there are many services that deal with the sale and lease of servers. For example, you can rent a server you like by the parameters on the special service reg.ru. Choose the most suitable option, as it is necessary that the system parameters meet your requirements.


Once you have purchased or leased the server, you can proceed with the configuration. Connect the Internet to a computerY. Typically, the connection must be at least 128 kb / s. This is necessary so that you can use all system parameters of the server, that is, a virtual operating system, in real time. Next on a computerDo not go to "Start". Then click on "All Programs" and select "Standard". Find the box called Remote Desktop Connection.


Before you will be a small window in which you need to fill in the data to enter the remote a computer. Enter all the information that was given to you whenRegistration of a new server. On the "Computer" tab enter the server, namely the numbers under which this server is listed in the system. In the "User" tab you need to enter the name of the administrator who manages the server. Click the "Connect" button.


If all data has been entered correctly, the systemAutomatically connects you to the server and displays a window in which you will enter the password for access. Enter all the data correctly, as several attempts to enter the wrong password can cause the server to be blocked for some time due to system failures. Click the "Connect" button. Then you will go to your virtual remote a computer. The menu is completely the same as in the operating system a computera.

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