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Empire style in the interior

Empire style in the interior

Empire style - one of the creations of Classicism.

There was this style in the era of Napoleon Bonaparte, so it is majestic and prazdnichen, its purpose - to show the full power of that time.



Style is suitable for country houses,styled hotel, large apartments, in a word, where the imperial scope is appropriate. The main features of the Empire are the rigor and symmetry, luxury and wealth, referring to the Roman and partly Egyptian culture.


When creating an interior in the Empire style, considersymmetry and the golden ratio. Use columns, moldings, pylons and thread. As the patterns you can use the lion's head, oak branches, diamonds and ovals. Since this style is quite courageous, unlike classical predecessors, appropriate use of military subjects.


Empire is a theatrical and revealingstyle using rich fabrics, they upholster the walls, drape the windows and doorways. For walls appropriate to use wallpaper and murals. Wallpaper choose a strict pattern, mural can also be depicting landscapes. Appropriate and painting the walls with flowers at that time, namely, red, yellow, blue, white and gold. All colors are bright and vivid, designed to emphasize the pathos of the interior.


To select the floor parquet from expensive woodwith drawings by antiquity, use mosaic. Ceiling leave white or paint it in the color of ivory for jewelery, use a small amount of stucco, maintaining rigor.


Furniture of this style try to trimmajestic, from expensive fabrics, leather. Welcome pedestals to form pedestals, abundant carving, the presence of such decorative items, such as legs and lion's head. All the furniture looks monumental and quite tough. This style has created such pieces of furniture like cabinets for china, trellis, flower stands.


For decorative interior fit busts, weapons,kitchenware marble. Use bronze floor lamps, chandeliers, carved marble boxes, crystal. A characteristic feature of the Empire style is the abundance of mirrors, so pay attention to them. Hang a mirror on the wall, put on the floor, choose furniture with mirrors. For illumination use the luxurious crystal chandeliers.

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