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Embroidery on eggshells for Easter

Embroidery on eggshells for Easter

It has long been known for the tradition of painting eggs of various dyes, but this one can not be surprised.

Therefore, you can make an original souvenir to Happy Easter - is to make a beautiful embroidery on eggshells.

You will need

  • - 2-3 pcs long thin igl-
  • - Multi-colored thread x / b or muline-
  • - 3-4 pieces of raw yaits-
  • - nail scissors-
  • - Thin drill or blade.



Before you begin the creative process, it is necessary to draw a rough picture of the future of embroidery that was the result.


Pick up an egg and carefully cut oneside of the foramen ovale. It should be large enough so that it was convenient to embroider. Be careful not to damage the shell, or may form small fissure damages. Cut need minisverlom or sharp blade.


Then release the protein from the yolk in a separate bowl and leave them for the preparation of food.
Shell gently clean the film and rinse in a solution of warm water and soap.


Inside the shell with a pencil, apply a pattern orpattern for embroidery. In those places where the needle will be held, with a thin drill, perform holes. Drill very carefully so as not to damage the shell. When all the holes have been made, Thread the right color thread a needle and begin cross stitching, creating a beautiful pattern.


Once you have made embroidery for moreperfection, you can paint the egg in any suitable color. Such souvenirs lay in a wicker basket pattern up and put it on the holiday table.

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