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Embroidery on eggshells

Eggs with embroidery

Easter eggs decorated with a variety of ways.

Traditionally, the shell color change by means of special dyes or onion peel.

Many people prefer to decorate the eggs with stickers or applications.

With conventional needle and colored threads can turn an ordinary egg shells in souvenir that will be pleasing to the eye for a long time.

You will need

  • - Thin needles of different sizes
  • - nail scissors
  • - Miniature drill
  • - eggs
  • - Multi-colored threads
  • - PVA glue
  • - Decorative items (beads, beads and so on.)



Using the nail scissors to do the cheeseegg a small hole and pour the contents. Shell rinse thoroughly with water and wait for harvesting dry. Think what you want to portray the image and draw it on the shell in pencil. For the first experiment is better to make a simple outline, rather than the complex composition.


Miniature drill make holes in the shell, corresponding to the contour of the figure. You should get a billet, resembles the pattern for cross stitch.



A core hole, insert the needle andselected thread color and start to create his masterpiece. Special rules in the art there. On the eggshell also embroider as in normal tissue. Drawing can be done cross stitch, embroidery or other means.


The main picture that you embroidered candecorate with additional elements - labels, beads, appliques. Instead, the thread can be applied thin ribbons holes only have to do a little more.

Embroidery on the shell

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