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How to eliminate yellowness from clarified hair


Yellowness of hair after clarification</a>

To prevent the appearance of yellowness after the procedure of lightening the hair, you need to choose the right paint.

As a rule, the yellow color that appears during coloring is found in the pigment of hair of warm shades.

In this case, to neutralize yellowness, it is necessary to give preference to paints with a cold platinum, pinkish, silvery or ashy shade.

At a time when the paint is already washed off,For elimination of a yellow shade it is expedient to apply ottenochnye balms or shampoos. The use of balm with every third wash of the head guarantees a rich color of the hair without yellowing.
Shampoo with purple or silver dyeToo, will help to solve this problem, because it contains a purple pigment that removes yellow color. However, you can get a gentle-lilac or ash-gray shade if you over-restrain the shampoo on your hair. Therefore, it should be used cautiously: apply only for the time specified in the instructions.
Along with the shade balms and shampoos, you canUse and folk remedies. Say, honey perfectly nourishes the hair and helps to get rid of the yellow shade. It must be applied to the hair and held for about 10 hours, or left overnight. For greater effect, you should put a bathing cap on your head.
Decoction of onion husk - another greatA means for eliminating yellowness and nourishing the hair. After applying it to the hair, you need to wear a bathing cap. It is more convenient to leave such broth for the night, and in the morning to wash hair with warm water. It is worth noting that this option is not suitable for giving the hair a cool shade.

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