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How to eliminate the yellowing with bleached hair

The yellowness of hair after clarification

To prevent yellowing hair after lightening the procedures necessary to choose the right paint.

As a rule, manifested in the color yellow is the pigment in the hair with warm shades.

In this case, in order to neutralize the yellowness, should give preference to paint with cold platinum, pink, silver or ashen hue.

At a time when the paint has washed away gradually,to eliminate the yellow tint it is advisable to apply the tint balms and shampoos. Using the balm for every third shampoo ensures rich hair color without the yellow.
Shampoo with violet or silver stainIt will also help to solve this problem, since it contains a purple pigment that eliminates the yellow color. However, you can get a pale lilac or ash-gray tint if overdo the shampoo on the hair. Therefore, it should be used cautiously applied only for the time specified in the instructions.
Along with shading shampoos and balms can beuse folk remedies. For example, honey is excellent nourishes the hair and helps to get rid of yellow tint. It needs to be applied to the hair and hold them for about ten hours or leave overnight. For greater effect, be put on his head a cap for swimming.
The broth of onion peel - one more wonderfulmeans for removing yellowness food and hair. After applying it on your hair need to wear a swimming cap. Preferred to leave such a decoction for the night and in the morning wash the hair with warm water. It is worth noting that this option is not suitable to make cold color hair.

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