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How to eliminate the smell of sewage


How to eliminate the smell of sewage</a>

At any time, an unpleasant smell of sewage can appear in the toilet or bathroom.

The reasons may be different: perhaps, gross mistakes were made during the installation of pipes, or one of the parts failed in the course of time.

If you do not take measures to eliminate the cause of the smell, it can gradually increase.



The most likely reason for the appearance smellAnd a sewage system - a loose connection betweenPipes. This could be due to the lack of qualification of a specialist who mounted the construction and not sufficiently tightened the joints between the pipes. However, the connections could loosen on their own. To eliminate this malfunction, simply tighten the sewer connections.


If this did not work, and smell Sanitation is still present, checkCuff, located on the toilet bowl. The cuff is made of rubber, which can crack or even burst from time. To eliminate such a malfunction, fill the cracks in the rubber with a sealant or, even more reliably, replace the cuff with a new one. The smell of sewage should disappear after this.


What if the actions described above did not lead to the result? Most likely, the reason for the appearance smellAnd more serious - the hydraulic shutter failure. Preliminary to determine if the septum is torn, it is possible by the characteristic squelching sounds. In this case, a complete survey of the entire sewerage system will be required. Independently this is not done for everyone, it will require the participation of a specialist. You should know that partial reworking of the sewage system may require dismantling the tile and replacing the pipes with new ones.


Remember that using air fresheners andCleaning products is a temporary measure and will not lead to the desired result until you find and eliminate the true cause of the appearance of an unpleasant smellBut the sewage system.

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