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How to eliminate the smell of furniture


How to eliminate the smell of furniture</a>

Furniture, especially wooden, eventually acquires an unpleasant smell, associated with old and dusty apartments.

Not always it means that the furniture is timeThrow out, because antiques are valued even more expensive, and eliminate the "scents" can be improvised. An unpleasant smell can have not only old things - new furniture from chipboard has characteristic smells of chips, glue, laminated coating and chemical reagents.

In either case, one can use simple but effective methods.

You will need

  • vinegar-
  • rag-
  • vanilla sugar-
  • Tea bags-
  • lemon-
  • soap-
  • coffee.



Dilute vinegar in water to make itConcentrated solution. Wear a protective mask, gloves and wipe all the surfaces of the furniture with a cloth dampened in vinegar. This method not only helps to get rid of the unpleasant odor, but also perfectly disinfects the old wood. After this procedure, leave the furniture to dry: do not close the cabinet doors, pull out the drawers of the table, do not cover anything with a table.


If the vinegar did not help completely eliminate the smellFurniture, pour vanilla sugar on all the horizontal surfaces and leave it for a few days. Vanillin excellently draws bad smells and impregnates the tree with its own, very pleasant and unobtrusive aroma.


Not everyone loves the smell of vanilla, and some people haveHe is allergic. In this case, replace vanilla sugar with a cup of coffee, lemon, milk or flavored bath salt. The products that you put on the furniture must be fresh, otherwise you can only enhance the smell by adding to it the unpleasant notes of sour milk or rotten lemon. Therefore, in time replace products. You can also use special flavors for furniture, sold in small bags. You can choose the fragrance that you will like. As a flavor, you can also use your favorite pleasantly smelling soap or shampoo.


Good help to get rid of the smell of teaSachets. Take unused sachets of green or black tea and arrange it throughout the furniture, put it on all the shelves in the closet and table and store the week. This method is very effective in the smell of furniture from chipboard. When the smell disappears, discard the sachets - they can not be brewed!


Smell with upholstered furniture can also be removedVinegar or vodka. It is advisable to put a processed sofa or armchair in a draft or near an open window. Use also freshly ground coffee - sprinkle a sofa on it, and then vacuum it together. Ways to combat the smells of furniture offers a modern chemical industry: various sprays and detergents. Read the instructions carefully before using them.

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