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How to eliminate the smell of furniture

How to eliminate the smell of furniture

Furniture, especially wooden, acquire an unpleasant odor with time, associated with old and dusty apartments.

Not always it means that furniture is timethrow as antiques valued even more expensive, and eliminate the "fragrance" can be improvised means. Bad breath can be not only old things - new furniture made of particleboard has a characteristic smell of shavings, glue, laminated coatings and chemicals.

And in fact, and in another case, you can use the simple but effective methods.

You will need

  • vinegar-
  • rag-
  • vanilla sugar-
  • tea paketiki-
  • lemon-
  • soap-
  • coffee.



Dilute vinegar in the water, to getconcentrated solution. Wear a protective mask, gloves and wipe with a cloth in vinegar solution, all surfaces of furniture. This method not only helps to get rid of the odor, but also perfectly disinfects the old wood. After this procedure, leave the furniture to dry: do not close the door of the cabinet, pull out the desk drawers, do not cover anything desk.


If the vinegar does not help eliminate the smellfurniture, sprinkle on all horizontal surfaces vanilla sugar and leave it for a few days. Vanilla perfectly pulls bad smells and impregnates his own tree, it is very pleasant and unobtrusive flavor.


Not everyone likes the smell of vanilla, and some people in theHe's allergic. In this case, replace the vanilla sugar a cup of coffee, lemon, milk or scented bath salts. The products that you put on the furniture, should be fresh, otherwise you can only increase the odor, mixed into his nasty notes of sour milk or rotten lemon. Therefore replace the products on time. You can also use the special flavors for furniture sold in small pouches. You can choose the flavor that will have you on the soul. The flavoring can also use your favorite nice-smelling soap or shampoo.


Good help to get rid of the smell of teabags. Take unused bags of green or black tea and arrange for all the furniture, all put on the shelf in the closet and the desk and keep a week. This method is very effective when the smell of furniture made of particleboard. When the smell will disappear, throw bags - they brew can not be!


The smell from the upholstery can also be removedvinegar solution or vodka. Processed sofa or chair, it is desirable to put on a draft or near an open window. Also, use freshly ground coffee - sprinkle it over the sofa, and then assemble the vacuum cleaner. Ways to combat odors and modern furniture offers the chemical industry: a variety of sprays and detergents. Carefully read the instructions before you use them.

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