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How to eliminate oily skin shine

How to eliminate oily skin shine

Bold shine, especially in the T-zone, worried about a huge amount of the fair sex.

Win oily skin can be a variety of means that are available.

Most importantly, in the end did not dry up the skin to avoid irritation and redness.

Funds from oily sheen

People with oily or combination skin type you needcarefully approach the choice of cosmetics. Use only creams, lotions, gels for washing that ground dull and narrow pores. When applied to the sebaceous gland fat means will work much faster, which threatens the appearance of acne.

Wash with cool water, in an ideal - a littleacidulated with lemon juice. Finally, wipe the face with ice, wipe and use the tonic, and only then apply the cream thin layer and wait until completely absorbed.

In the morning, especially in summertime, you can use a slice of cucumber instead of tonic. The juice will reduce the pores, helping to eliminate toxins and refreshing appearance. Use cucumber lotion on alcohol, if the problem area appeared acne, but it can be done only from time to time, so as not to disturb the balance of the skin.

Once a week, apply on the face of low-fat sour creamas a mask. Lactic acid contained in the product are well tightens pores, removes yellowish tinge to the skin. With proper care face shine will be less trouble you.

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