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How to eliminate the greasy shine of the skin


How to eliminate the greasy shine of the skin</a>

Bold shine, especially in the T-zone, a huge number of representatives of the fair sex.

Defeat the fat content of the skin can be various means that are available.

Most importantly, in the end, do not dry the skin, so that there is no irritation and redness.

Means for greasy shine of the face

People with a fat or mixed skin type needCarefully approach the selection of all cosmetics. Use only suitable creams, lotions, gels for washing, which matt and narrow the pores. When applying a fatty compound, the sebaceous glands will start to work many times faster, which threatens with the appearance of acne.

Wash with cool water, ideally - a littleAcidified with lemon juice. In the end, wipe your face with an ice cube, wipe it and use a tonic, then apply a thin layer of the cream and wait until it is completely absorbed.

In the morning, especially in the summerTime, you can use a slice of cucumber instead of tonic. Juice will reduce pores, help to remove toxins and refresh the appearance. Use a cucumber lotion on alcohol, if there are acne in the problem area, but this can only be done from time to time, so as not to disturb the skin's balance.

Once a week, apply to a person low-fat sour cream inAs a mask. Lactic acid, contained in the product, tightens the pores well, eliminates the yellowish shade of the skin. With proper facial care, a greasy shine will less bother you.

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