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How to fix leaking pipes

After eliminating the cause of the leak and repair the pipe povredeniya

water pipe damage can occurfor two reasons: the corrosion and deformation caused by physical impact. Subjected only corrosion of metal pipes, while no tube is immune from mechanical damage.

There are ways to stop the leak in the home before the arrival of plumbing.

You will need

  • 1-2 yoke required diameter
  • rubber band
  • compactor
  • wire
  • adjustable wrench
  • Oil paint



The fastest and most reliable way to eliminateflow? impose a collar with a rubber seal. You must first cut off and hot and cold water valve. Remove the bolts, put in place a rubber seal leakage and wrap around this place a collar. Remember that you need to attach the clamp on the opposite side of the hole, otherwise the lock will be loose. Tighten the screws need a wrench. If the leak is large, it may be necessary to clamp 2 with threaded. In this case, a dense piece of rubber is applied to the leak, the top and bottom clamps are applied. These clamps can be tightened with a screwdriver.


If possible buy a collar not, eliminatecan flow, wound its rubber band. It can be cut from bicycle tires and other handy materials. On top of the tape should be tightly wound wire coils tightly stacking.


If the leak occurred near the thread, then removeit is possible by putting a rubber band. Dip it in oil paint and tightly wrap the connection. When the paint dries, a hole is securely sealed.


Of course this is all temporary measures. If the pipe is damaged by rust, then it is necessary in the first case, replace the entire pipe. If a pipe has burst from excessive mechanical stress, it is necessary to protect it from further possible effects. The very same location of the leak should be soldered.

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