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How to fix the creaking parquet

How to fix the creaking parquet

In the operation of parquet floor plank loosened, and there is a distinctive creak. It can arise from a defect of the element.

Break off a piece of plank ridge produces squeak when rubbed against a neighboring groove boards.

Before eliminate unpleasant sounds, you need to identify the cause of their origin.

You will need

  • - electric drill-
  • - Drill 2 mm-diameter
  • - Painter skotch-
  • - medical syringe-
  • - wax crayons-
  • - vetosh-
  • - Polyurethane Klein
  • - Anchor.



If creaking present in a small area, find defective parts parquet. To do this, go over him, memorizing place creak.


At the heart of squeaking areas mark the point for injection of glue. Markups do at a distance of 15 cm from each other. Apply to these places pieces of masking tape.


Take a drill and drill 2 mm diameter in the middle of the glued pieces of adhesive tape. Hole depth should be equal to the thickness of the parquet strips.


From the syringe, remove the plunger and squeeze the adhesive out of a tube into the syringe. Excess glue on the syringe to remove with a damp cloth.


Place the syringe outlet opening to the hole in the floor. Pump the adhesive in the cavity between the flooring and the base.


After drying, the adhesive can be a little foam and act out of the hole in the adhesive tape. After an hour gently remove traces of glue with adhesive tape. Do not walk on the parquet floor repair area.


If traces of glue, then remove them whensolvent aid for foam and wipe with a dry cloth. Put on the floor surface of a heavy load (sandbag, kettlebell). Clay can expand when drying and the cargo will squeeze parquet floor to the ground.


After a day spend in the restoration openingsfloor. Pick the desired color wax crayons for furniture. Lay the pieces of wax with your fingers in the holes. Polish the cloth. The wax is heated up by friction, will become shiny and smooth surface.


Eliminate creaking can be another method, pullingdowel parquet to concrete base. To do this, drill a hole in the floor and determine the distance from the floor to the concrete slab. Dowels, attach to the concrete flooring. Wall plug must go into the base plate 50 mm, clung to the parquet floor.

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