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How to eliminate the scratch of a parquet


How to eliminate the scratch of a parquet</a>

In the process of exploitation of the parquet floor, the slats are loosened, and a characteristic creak appears. It can also arise from the defect of this element.

The broken piece of the crest of the bar emits a creak when rubbing against the groove of the adjacent plank.

Before eliminating unpleasant sounds, you need to identify the cause of their origin.

You will need

  • - electric drill-
  • - a drill with a diameter of 2 mm-
  • - Painting Scotch-
  • - medical syringe-
  • - wax crayons-
  • - rag-
  • - polyurethane adhesive-
  • - Anchor.



If the scratch is present in a small area, then find the defective areas Parquet. To do this, walk along it, memorizing the places of the creaking.


In the center of the creaking areas, mark the points for pumping the glue. Make notes at a distance of 15 cm from each other. Put on these places pieces of paint tape.


Take a drill and drill a hole 2 mm in diameter in the middle of the pasted pieces of tape. The depth of the hole should be equal to the thickness of the parquet board.


Remove the plunger from the syringe and squeeze the glue from the tube into the syringe. Remove excess glue on the syringe with a damp cloth.


With the outlet hole put the syringe to the hole in the parquet. Upload the glue into the cavity between the parquet and the base.


When drying, the glue can foam a little and protrude from the hole on the scotch. After an hour, gently remove the adhesive tape with traces of glue. Do not walk on the repaired parquet floor.


If there are traces of glue, then remove them whenSolvent aid for mounting foam and wipe with a dry cloth. Put a heavy load on the floor surface (bag with sand, weight). The glue can expand when drying, and the load will help to press the parquet to the bottom of the floor.


A day later, restore the holes in theParquet. Choose the desired color of wax crayons for furniture. Put fingers of wax in the holes. Clean with rags. Wax will heat up during friction, get shine and a smooth surface.


You can remove the scratch by another method, pullingDowel parquet to the concrete base. To do this, drill a hole in the floor and determine the distance from the floor to the concrete slab. With a dowel, attach the parquet to the concrete. The dowel should go into the base of the plate by 50 mm so that the parquet floor firmly holds.

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