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How to fix leaking toilet

How to fix leaking toilet

To live in an apartment with comfort, it is necessary to closely monitor that all communications were operable.

Hardly anyone like to be middle of the night are the neighbors below and angry voices shouting that they fill. It can happen, for example, if all of a sudden the toilet was leaking.

Before you take any measures to solve the problem, it is necessary to find out the cause.

You will need

  • - Clippers metal-
  • - germetik-
  • - Drain valve (possible).



Check the filling hose. When violations of the filler hose is a sharp decline in water pressure, which is fed into the tank. The drain valve at the same time can not completely close the opening of a tank and the toilet constantly running water. To resolve this failure, remove the reservoir cap and consider filling the hose, which is connected to the intake valve. Make sure that the filling hose is located at the correct level relative to the overflow pipe. Over its highest point of the hose should not be higher than three centimeters. After checking and fixing the position of the inlet valve is necessary to reproduce the cycle of filling and draining the tank - to assess the results.


Check the float. With a float controlled level of water supplied to the tank. If the float poorly regulated, for example, is too low, water will be too low for normal drainage. Too high the float leads to disruption of the intake valve. On the overflow tube as a guide for adjusting the float applied mark. You can use it to bring the float in order. It is necessary to trace the entire process of filling the tank. If it is filled to a level which would be above or below, the level of the float have to adjust - it can be done manually, fixing the float slightly above or below the set level.


Try to adjust the lever drainholes. Too short or tangled chain prevents the valve from closing completely drain - leakage is constant. If the chain droops, the drain valve can not be opened until the end of the descent of water, and the pressure will be low. Chain position must be such that it droops, but barely.


Change the drain valve. In most cases the toilet leakage occurs because water is continuously flowing from the tank into the bowl. This happens due to improperly arranged a drain valve. If correct it, you can restore the normal functioning of the tank. But better to make sure that other causes of leaks are excluded. If all of the above points are not the cause of the leak, the case could only be in the drain valve. Its walls in continuous operation may be deformed, which does not allow to hold in a tank to draw water. As a result, there is a continuous flow of water, and the valve to correct senseless - you can just replace it.

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