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How to eliminate the radiator leakage


How to eliminate the radiator leakage</a>

The leakage of coolant from the radiator is always, as a rule, a surprise for many owners.

There is a similar malfunction for various reasons.

Among them: long service life of the car or poor-quality antifreeze, filled in the cooling system, which as a result of corrosive action destroys the metal tubes of the radiator.

You will need

  • Silicone sealant for radiator,
  • a piece of soap,
  • knife.



Driving practice has severalWays to eliminate the leakage of coolant from the radiator. And what kind of advice do not give on this occasion "experienced" masters. Among the popular methods that can stop the flow of coolant, a method such as the addition of a silicone sealant to the antifreeze, which is poured into the expansion tank when the engine is not running, is widely used. After that, the engine starts, and he is allowed to work for 15 minutes. For the specified period of time, the leak will inevitably stop.

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But sometimes circumstances develop in such a way thatAt hand at the right time may not be a vial of sealant. In this case, you can restore the tightness of the radiator with the help of ordinary soap, which must be added in the form of chips in the expansion tank. Approximately 50-100 grams of soap is cut with a knife, and then soap chips are added to the cooling system. Despite the unusual nature of this method of eliminating the heat sink - it is quite effective, and allows you to overcome on the machine, with a similar malfunction, not one thousand kilometers.


It should be noted that these methodsElimination of radiator leaks - are a temporary measure that allows you to reach a faulty car to the nearest car service station and perform a complete refurbishment of the cooling system there.

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