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How to fix leaking radiator

How to fix leaking radiator

Leaking coolant from the radiator is always usually a surprise to many owners.

It appears like failure for various reasons.

Among them: a long service life of the car, or low-quality antifreeze, filled in the cooling system, which is a result of the corrosive effect destroys metal radiator tubes.

You will need

  • Silicone Radiator,
  • a piece of soap,
  • knife.



Driver has several practiceways to eliminate leakage of coolant from the radiator. And some just do not give advice on this issue "experienced" master. Among the popular methods capable of stopping the flow of the cooling fluid is widely used a method such as the addition of antifreeze silicone sealant which is poured into the expansion tank with the engine off. After that, the motor is started and allowed to run for 15 minutes. During this period of time will inevitably leak stops.

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But sometimes circumstances are such thaton hand at the right time can be the sealant bottle. In this case, you can restore the radiator braces tightness at ordinary soap to be added in the form of chips in the expansion tank. About 50-100 grams of soap is cut with a knife, and then added to the soap chips in the cooling system. Despite the unusual nature of this method to eliminate the leak radiator - it is quite effective, and helps overcome by car, with a similar malfunction, more than one thousand kilometers.


Please note that these methodseliminate the leak of the radiator - is a temporary measure to get on the faulty machine to the nearest station car service, and make it a complete refurbishment of the cooling system.

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