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How to eliminate leaks of antifreeze



To eliminate the leakage of antifreeze it is possible with the help of a sealant, in other cases the problem will be solved by a clamp or radiator repair.

Repair of the latter depends on the material from which it is made.

You can solve this problem in two ways: Either repair the machine, or use a sealant. With the replacement of the cooling system, it can be delayed, in the case of radiator leaks, in this case a special sealant can cope with the majority of defects. So there is a high probability that the replacement of old parts with new ones may not be necessary.

The cause of leakage in the radiator

The resulting through hole causes leakageIn the radiator. In a moving auto, the temperature in the tank of the system rises, the pressure rises, and the coolant begins to flow out of the crack. Often, difficulties are detected with the detection of a breakdown point, because the liquid stops flowing in the non-operating state of the engine, but its surface is spattered or steam is poured from under the hood during operation. All these signs indicate a leak of antifreeze or antifreeze.
You can determine the place of breakdown byConnection to the removed compressor heat sink for pumping tires, while all other outputs must be muffled. If there is no compressor, it is possible to do simply: lower the radiator in a bath with water and on the bubbles rising upwards to determine the place of damage. Most often the radiator is damaged in places of contacts, where the radiator bank is compressed with a block of tubes. It is not uncommon for the tube or bank to get damaged. If the nature of the damage does not make it possible to use the sealant, the radiator will have to be repaired.
Owners of foreign cars are easier: Manufacturers of such cars use coolants that can shine under the influence of ultraviolet color, as a result, the place of leak can be easily detected. To eliminate the leakage of antifreeze can also be by replacing or installing additional clamps. Before they are tightened, all sharp edges on the connecting metal pipes need to be cleaned.

Radiator Repair

The copper radiator can be sealed with a specialA soldering iron with a power of at least 250 watts. If one of the tubes is flowing, it can be simply clamped, but in this case, it is necessary to take into account the fact that it will become inoperative, which means that the heat removal from the radiator will worsen. Aluminum radiator with plastic cans is soldered by cold welding. First, the surface must be degreased and dried, then treated with a two-component adhesive on an epoxy basis. After the necessary time interval, the radiator can be installed on the engine.
However, it must be remembered that all these are temporary measures: at high temperature and pressure in the system, the leak may reappear.

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