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How to fix a leak antifreeze

leaking antifreeze

Repair leaking antifreeze you can use the sealant, in other cases, the problem will solve a collar or radiator repair.

Repair latter depends on the material from which it is made.

To solve this problem in two ways: or repair the machine, or use a sealant. With the replacement of cooling system components can be postponed, in the case of a radiator leak, in this case with the majority of defects can handle special sealant. So there is a strong possibility that the replacement of old parts for new may not be necessary.

The cause of a leak in the radiator

; The resulting flow through the hole causesin the radiator. In a moving car the temperature in the reservoir system is increased, increasing pressure and coolant begins to flow from the crack. Often the discovery of a place of breakage there are difficulties, because in the idle state of the engine fluid flow stops, but its surface is spattered or from under the hood belching steam during operation. All these signs point to the leak antifreeze or antifreeze.
; Determine the location of breakage can be achieved byaccession to remove the radiator compressor for tire inflation, while all other outputs should be muted. If the compressor is not, you can do simple: lower the radiator in the bath with water and determine the location of damage on the top rising bubbles. The most common heat sink is damaged in places of contact, where the radiator tubes with crimped bank unit. Often damage the tube or get themselves a bank. If the nature of the damage makes it impossible to use a sealant, the radiator will have to repair.
; Owners of foreign cars easier to: manufacturers of such cars are used coolants that can glow under ultraviolet color, as a result of the leak can be easily detected. Repair leaking antifreeze can also use the change or additional clips. Before you tighten them, all sharp edges on the connecting metal pipes need to be cleaned.

radiator Repairs

; Copper radiator can solder specialsoldering capacity of at least 250 watts. If one of the tubes flows, you can simply pinch, but in this case it is necessary to take into account the fact that it will be broken, and therefore the removal of heat from the radiator deteriorates. Aluminum radiator with plastic banks soldered by cold welding. First, the surface should be degreased and dried, then treated with a two-component adhesive on epoxy basis. By the time interval required incident radiator can be installed on the engine.
; However, it must be remembered that all these are temporary measures: at high temperature and pressure in the system may appear to flow again.

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