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How to fix crc error

How to fix crc error

Error CRC - this is an error timeout.

When the computer receives a notice of six of these failures, it translates the connection speed of the fastest DMA mode to the slowest - PIO.

How to fix these errors?



Install the latest service packsfor your operating system. After that, go to the "Start" menu button, select "Run". Go to the registry. At the command prompt, type regedit, and press Enter. Browse through the registry keys. Find among them the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SYSTEM / CurrentControlSet / Class / {4D36E96A-E32511CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} / 0001. Open the "Edit" menu and select "Create".


Enter the command in ResetErrorCountersOnSuccessDWORD value to eliminate CRC errors. To confirm the action, press the Enter key. "Edit" Return to the menu. Click "Edit." In the newly created option, type a value of 1. To apply these changes and save them, then click OK.


Go to the "Start" button in the menu, again choose"Run" option. Again, type regedit in the command line. Among the registry keys, locate the following HKEY_ LOCAL_MACHINE / SYSTEM / CurrentControlSet / Control / Class / {4D36E96A-E325-11CE-BFC108002 BE10318} / 0002.


In the "Edit" menu, select "New". New parameter set the value of the DWORD, to eliminate errors. At the prompt, type the parameters ResetErrorCountersOnSuccess. To confirm the action, press the Enter key. Again, click "Edit" from the menu.


Select "Change". Give the newly created parameter to 1. Click OK. If the CRC error in a similar way to fix fails, contact the company's support center for Microsoft.


Send them to report the fault to obtainthe necessary recommendations to address this error, specifically in relation to your case. If self-correct the error persists, please contact the Service Centre.

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