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How to eliminate the growling sound in the system unit


How to eliminate the growling sound in the system unit</a>

After a lengthy operation of the computer, a growling sound appears inside the system unit, which often frightens the user and causes him to be rather nervous. However, it is not necessary to be particularly upset!

If you are not afraid to open the system unit and you have minimal experience with a screwdriver and tweezers, then this defect can be eliminated by yourself.

The reason is the drying of the lubricant in the bearings of the cooling fan.

You will need

  • - screwdriver-
  • - tweezers-
  • - knife-
  • - alcohol-
  • - Lubricating oil-
  • - cotton wool or bandage.



Open the system unit. Turn on the computer. Finger for a short time (no more than 1-2 seconds) visible rotating fan for its central part. Be careful - do not touch the blades! If the sound is gone, turn off the system unit and remove the fan by unscrewing the 4 screws at the fan corners or removing the latch (depending on the method of attachment). If the sound does not go out during braking of the visible fans, the fan blows in the power supply.


To lubricate the fan, be careful,Without damaging, remove the protective sticker by using a thin screwdriver or a knife. Under the sticker is a fixing clip of solid polymer in the form of a cut washer, which must also be carefully removed. Be careful - the clip has the property of jumping off the shaft and getting lost somewhere on the floor or somewhere else.
After this, remove the fan impeller, rinseBush in the body and the shaft of the impeller with alcohol. It is possible to wash the sleeve by pulling through it a tightly twisted band of cotton wool or bandage, previously moistened with alcohol.
Collect the fan, install the clip and drip2-3 drops of oil. Try not to let oil get to the surface where the protective sticker is stuck. If this happens, wipe the surface with alcohol and dry it. In case the protective sticker is torn, then it can be replaced with an ordinary tape. Set the fan in place and enjoy the silence.

Fan with a removed protective sticker


If the fan blows in the power supply unit (PSU), then you have to remove it and disassemble it.
Removal and disassembly are simple. Turn off the computer and disconnect the network cable. Disconnect all wires coming from the PSU to the motherboard and other units, although this can be avoided, so that you do not have to remember where to stitch it, but disassembly will be more inconvenient.
Remove the 4 screws securing the PSU to the housingComputer and remove it. Unscrew the fastening screws of the BP cover (usually 4 pieces). Unscrew the 4 screws securing the fan and remove it. The fan power cable is usually sealed in the power supply board, if connected by a connector, then consider it - lucky. The rest of the actions, as described above.

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