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ELECTRICITY: how to save the extra kilowatts

Electricity: how to save the extra kilowatts

Electricity from going up every year. If it is not to save, the payment will take up a significant portion of the family budget, which could be spent on more essential things.

There are several effective ways to save energy, which will help to significantly reduce the costs of payment.



First, you must install two or trehtarifnye metering devices which allow the use of electricity at lower rates at certain times of day.


The most powerful electrical appliances that consumea significant amount of energy should be included in the hours of the lowest tariffs. Such devices include: washing machine, which for more savings should be included with the maximum load of the drum, as well as a dishwasher. Ironed Linen is also better when the tariff for electricity or the lowest low when using trehtarifnogo counter.


In addition, you must observe uppercasetruth. Coming out of the room - turn off the light. Watch TV with subdued light on and off, as soon as all transmission, interesting to see, over. Leaving, engage in economic affairs, should disconnect the computer that consumes enough electricity.


Also, a significant amount of money can be saved by replacing all the bulbs in the apartment with energy-saving class A.


After the phones, cameras and other devices are charged, you need to pull out the charger from the wall socket.


If you heat their homes electricalenergy, it is necessary to insulate the walls, windows, doors, basement, attic and put thermostats, allowing lower temperature regime while you are away and at night.


By following these simple rules, you can save a significant amount of money that would have to be spent on payment of electricity consumed.

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