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EGYPTIAN style in the interior


Egyptian style in the interior</a>

Egyptian style attracts its originality and a certain mystery.

Mysteries of Ancient Egypt have not yet been revealed to mankind, perhaps that's why Egyptian style so attracts attention.



The architecture of the Egyptian interior is quite simple and geometric, but you can notice the presence of columns, arches, pylons and niches. All elements are usually painted, like the rest of the room.


Background colors are sand, beige, forThe murals are characteristic of blue, red, black, yellow, brown. The choice of material depends on your goals, if you are striving for a modern interpretation, then you can paint the walls, if you want to create a more ancient interior, it is better to choose plaster. Suitable stone and stone tiles for stone.


For painting, Egyptian hieroglyphs are chosen,Deities, scenes with animals and nature. All this is done in the Egyptian technique, where images have a two-dimensional appearance. For a floor it is possible to choose a stone, a tile or a parquet, the mosaic will be pertinent.


The ceiling in the Egyptian style is painted or painted with the background color of the walls. You can paint the ceiling in a contrast bright color.


Furniture is made of ebony, whichInlaid with gold, malachite, lapis lazuli and ivory. Furniture was often decorated with carvings in the form of animal heads, legs were made in the form of paws. In addition to wood, furniture was made of bronze, stone, willow rods.


Textiles should be natural. Curtains are better to choose one-color or with a strict geometric pattern. On the floor you can put textile carpets, and decorate the bed with a canopy.


For the decoration of the room, select differentCharacteristic for Egypt statuettes, it can be cats, scarabs, sphinxes, eagles. On the walls, hang up papyri, arrange large ceramic vases around the room. The ancient Egyptians were good gardeners, and you put plants in the interior, such as palms, citrus, laurel.

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