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Efficient cleaning: my parquet and laminate

Effective cleaning: my parquet and laminate

In recent years, very popular among the flooring began to use materials such as laminate and parquet.

The thing is that they look quite elegant and give the house warmth and interesting design.

You will need

  • Laminate is a laminate: It consists of several layers and is distinguished by its constituents. Parquet is monomaterial consisting of planed wood planks, in particular for its production using rock oak, beech, ash, birch, maple and elm.



Once in your home, office or any otherroom appears floor made of such materials, so once there is the problem of the care of a very capricious coatings. The fact is that from the corrosive materials or excessive moisture laminate and parquet quickly lose its original appearance, there are scrapes and bumps, floor swells.
You must know that such materials do not like excessive moisture, so after every cleaning need to be cleaned with a dry cloth to remove excess water.


More often than not to wash these surfacesuse specialized tools designed only for laminate and parquet. Cleaning products that contain in their composition small particles, not suitable for such floors, as will scratch the surface and leave small traces and divorces.


If you do not like chemicals, you can wash the floors are ordinary vinegar, applying it in the following proportions: 5 liters of water 1 tbsp.


It is also worth noting a significant differencebetween laminate and parquet, which is that the flooring is necessary to rub the wax and polish. Laminate not expose any wax or other polishing agents.


Also keep in mind before you try something newdetergent to start dissolve it in water and then put on a small portion of the parquet or laminate, somewhere in the corner. Leave for a couple of hours and then check the response of the material, if not swollen and not lose brightness of color, means for cleaning.


The ideal algorithm cleaning these floors willare as follows: dust cleaning using a broom, then wet cleaning with detergents, cleaning with a damp cloth rinsed with water, cleaning with a dry cloth.

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