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time comes in everyone's life, when for their actions necessary to respond to and take decisions on their own need. But not all adults are endowed with such skill.

And often, this problem extends from childhood.

Surely everyone can find such a familiar person.

Consider whether you want to see your child like that? It is a successful and respected man, self-confident?

To the child has grown independent enough that it just grows.

This should be taught.

See needed primarily forown requirements for the child. Do you give him the right choice? Start small: what to eat for breakfast or what socks to wear. Gradually the scope of issues that could be trusted with the decision the child will grow.
But remember that at the beginning is requiredgive your child the options to choose from. By asking the question: "What do you want to cook for breakfast," it is possible to receive in response cake, candy or something else tasty unusual for the child's opinion. A few years of life, this issue should look something like this: "What do you want for breakfast porridge: buckwheat or oats." Then the child will learn to choose the option. And later, he will be able to offer the adequate option.
The reverse side of independence -responsibility for their choices. The child must learn to accept the consequences of their choice. And of course, the first time he will need help from their parents. Otherwise, he would not understand that you should not wear wool socks in the summer heat, simply because it's hot in them. If you simply prohibit such experiments without explanation, it would seem unreasonable whim of the child of the parent, not more. But after spending half an hour in them, the child will remove the next time will be more confidence in the parents' warnings, because they are right, he had already checked empirically.
Post independence of the child and notmonitor his parents is very hard. But being a parent - hard work. Sometimes you have to sacrifice for the sake of the child's own tranquility. And this is exactly the case. After all, controlling every step of the beloved child, it is easier to be sure that all is well with him, his health and well-being is not in danger. But what must be remembered that this is a must do for the good of the child. After all, parents can not be with him all his life. And the best thing that can make loving parents - to prepare him for adult independent living.

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