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Raising a happy child

In order for a child to be happy, you need to love him.

But often it happens that we, the adults, should be able to show and give their love to the children properly.



When a child comes into your room orjust to your needs, all kind show that you are happy to see him. Try to smile, not only lips, but also the eyes. Call the child by name, because all children love it. If in doubt, what is it all, imagine how you would have been nice if important for you people are always happy when you see it.


Teach your child independence. Believe me, this is normal, when a child left to himself. There are some limits of communication between children and adults when an adult is necessary to absent himself for any reason. Therefore, the child should be able to play with himself. This has a distinct advantage - a child playing with myself, develop your imagination and your imagination. But we should choose the activities in which the child will do in your absence. Needless to say that the television and the computer - not the best option? For example, teach him to love drawing. Teach can gradually: first, give him the fruit to work, that is, flip a idea, then just watch his drawing, and then - give him the job and leave, saying come and guess what is depicted in his drawings.


Limit your child access to the media. The child is at the very age when formed his outlook, and the information in the main negative in many media. Shows him the only good transmission. Of course, the cartoons will be the priority.


Make it clear to the child that it is much more important thanyour job. For it is enough when performing any work in the house of a smiling child, stroking him to ask about something and listen to the answers. Much better, reliable and useful to listen to a child than to talk to him, "Get away from me, I'm busy!". We, the adults, are much more mobile in terms of concentration and attention.


It is necessary to teach the child to certain rules,which will help to maintain a healthy environment and clean house. Determine when to sleep, walk, play, do homework, eat, and more. Do not forbid your child to do that, it's only natural for you and for him - unpleasant. For example, run or jump. The child needed.


Educate your child. Do not give a hundred percent learning kindergarten or school, and actively participate in it: fill in the gaps, adjust, save, help out and help him. In addition, it is important to go with it in sections, so that he eventually found that he likes.


Be an example for your children. Children are always watching you and imitate you. If you tell them one thing and do another, you teach the child hypocrisy.

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